About Me

     A little be about me… I am at 39 years old, I’m a little loud, a little crazy, and of course, a little intense! I’m just trying to write a few ideas from time to time and share some of my insanity with anyone who would like to hear it. I can’t say for sure that everything I have to say is here, or that everything I’ve written here still holds true. I do, however, think are a few things you should know about me and my thoughts:

  • Photography is still one of the things I’m most passionate about
  • Cars, motorcycles and anything I can get my hands on that has a motor is great stress relief
  • Everyone has their inner demons, for me it’s battling my weight, anxiety, fear of not accomplishing my goals, etc…
  • My blog has varied over time from weight-loss, to travel, photography adventures, car mishaps, etc… I’m still not really sure what should be in there
  • As the days go on, I do my best to move my personal life and my professional career forward as best I can

So here it is, my attempt to explain a little bit more about who I am. There are links to my photography work and automotive projects. Also plenty about my weight-loss battles, and anything else that pops into my head. Feel free to comment, email me, get in touch any way you’d like. I’m always interested in what other people have to say and any advice they might be able to give me. I think over the years I’ve learned that sometimes I overthink things I shouldn’t, something I totally miss things I should. Do me a favor, go ahead and point it out when I do! You can get in touch with me or follow along any way you’d like. There are more than enough options, choose your favorite!