July! Here Comes Less of Me!

     Yup, you read that right. As July, and my cousin’s wedding get closer, there’s just that much less of me. Literally. I surely have been sticking to my diet, even-though last few months have been crazy. I’ve also been doing little workouts when I can at home just to keep things moving. The best thing about it is, it’s working.

     I’ve still got a few pounds to drop before I reach my next goal. I set it at 250 pounds by the start of July, as I’ve mentioned a few times before. So, as of this morning, not only have I hit my lowest weight yet at 254.8 pounds, but that also leaves me 11 days to lose the last 4.8! I think I can do it!

     Another good friend also pointed out that I haven’t been posting much lately, which is true. Honestly, there’s been so much going on that I barely have enough time to squeeze in my workouts and do what’s needed to follow my diet. As my weight gets lower, it is a little harder to drop the pounds. I’m still losing weight, and according to my measurements, I’m still getting physically smaller, which is exactly what I want! Hopefully as things calm down a bit after the wedding and I’ve got some more time on my hands I can get back to a little more outdoor physical activity. That being said, any who’s up for a little adventure let me know. We can go hiking, kayaking, cycling, I’ll try just about anything at this point!

     As always, here a few little charts that show my progress over the past month. The first is my daily weight chart. My weight is the blue line, the orange line is the schedule to reach my goal.

Weight-loss Progress - July 2017
This graph shows my daily weight in blue and the weight needed to reach my goal in orange.

     The chart isn’t really a graph, but it’s still awesome! It’s actually the chart of my measurements since I’ve started this diet. The biggest, best number on here is that I’ve lost over 6 inches off my waist. That’s huge!!

Body Measurement Chart - Jun 2017
This shows my starting, current and best measurements of my neck, chest and waist.

     Also, don’t forget! You can always check this page to see my current weight-loss progress, it’s updated EVERY day. There is also a link to it in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile device. It’s there for every post about my weight-loss!

Oh The Month Of meh.

     So… yeah, the month of May was surely pretty meh. I’m still dieting and still making decent weight-loss progress, but I made less than I would have liked. Between The Virginia Gold Cup, DC101’s Kerfuffle and some road-trips, sticking to my diet was a little harder than normal. Unfortunately it really showed in the amount of weight I lost throughout the month.

     As you can see from the graph below, there were a few big bounces in my weight. All caused by my weekend shenanigans. According to the numbers, for the entire month I actually only lost a total of 5.75 pounds.

Withings App Weight-loss Progress Chart - May 2017
In this chart you can see the 3 bumps. One on the 8th, the 14th and another on about the 24th.

     As June starts I’m back to my diet and should get in some workouts soon. I actually haven’t been on a bike ride in well over a week now. Especially since I’m not nearly as far ahead of schedule to reach my 250 pound goal as I was a few weeks ago. The chart below shows the month of May and where it lands toward that goal.

Motion X App Weight-loss Progress Chart - May 2017
Weight-loss progress for May 2017 shown in blue and my scheduled goal progress in orange.
The 2017 Virginia Gold Chub

The 2017 Virginia Gold Chub

     So… is gaining weight and “going off the plan” worth it?? In the past one of the biggest problems I’ve had with weight-loss, from a diet and exercise perspective has been taking things too far. What I mean by that is my drive to drop the pounds takes priority over everything else, including enjoying myself. Instead of going out and enjoying a night out at dinner or a bar, even worse…. God forbid… a weekend of day drinking, I’d decline the invite and while my friends were all having a good time, I’d be home drinking a smoothie, or out a bike ride, or sweating to death on my rowing machine.

     This time around, however, I decided to take my weight-loss at a slower pace. Make sure I enjoy time out with friends, even if it means there’s a little bump in my weight, or I knock myself back a few days. I thought about it for a while when I got started this past January and quickly realized, isn’t that the point anyway? I’m losing weight to have more energy, to be healthier, to be more attractive, to not have to worry about my weight holding me back from doing things. So why do all this work, then deprive myself of actually enjoying any of that?

     Granted, I’ve still go a long way to go to reach my goals, but having already lost 60 – 65 pounds, I decided Gold Cup was a perfect excuse to take a little break from the shakes and the workouts and just go have a good time. Well, guess what? It was 1000% worth it and from weighing myself on a more frequent basis and knowing there was going to be a bump in my weight and that I’d be able to work it off, I wasn’t nervous about derailing my progress at all.

     That being said, I just thought it was important to share exactly what that looks like. I had reached my goal of getting myself under 280 pounds and had actually dipped a decent bit under it, all the way down to 273.2 pounds the morning of Gold Cup. Well, take a look at the graph below and you’ll see what happens when you REALLY throw your body a curveball. Not only did I weigh-in at 8.8 pounds higher the next morning, my weight actually kept going up for the next 2 days as well… for a grand total of almost 15 pounds! That’s 15 pounds “gained” from just one crazy day of eating and drinking!

The Gold Cup Bump

     Needless to say, you can see how quickly the weight is coming back off, but it’s not nearly a week later and I’m only halfway back to where I was. We’ll see what happens over the next few days. I’m sticking to my diet, I’ll do some workouts inside since it’s going to be raining for the next 3 days and we’ll see how close I come back to where I was before another concert/day-drinking event this coming Sunday.

     So I’m finally back on track toward hitting my next long term goal of being under 250 pounds by July, but just barely. I started the month of way WAY ahead of the game, and good thing I did because that was exactly the room I needed to be able to cut loose and have a little fun!

Virginia Gold Cup, The Much Smaller Version

Virginia Gold Cup, The Much Smaller Version

As some of you remember, a few weeks ago I decided that while I’m on my way to my goal of being under 250 pounds for my cousin’s wedding in July, I also wanted to reach a smaller quicker goal of getting under 280 pounds before going to Gold Cup this year. If you don’t know what it is… basically it’s a big horse race in Virginia, if you’d like to know more… click the link! 😛

Well, after some pretty solid bike rides, I’ve managed to make it. Granted Gold Cup is actually tomorrow, and I’ll surely being doing a little workout at home in the rain today and weigh-in tomorrow morning before leaving, but the amazing part is, as I mentioned before, I actually reached my goal of 280 pounds LAST Saturday a full week early and decided to just keep going and push through and see how much extra I could squeeze in before leaving. As it turns out, I was able to do a lot more than I thought. This morning’s weigh-in put me at exactly 274! Not only is that 6 pounds lower than my initial goal to get to Gold Cup, but it’s already halfway to my goal of 250 by July. That leaves me with 59 days to go and 24 pounds to lose.

As long as I’m able to keep grabbing Capital Bikeshare bikes at least a few times during the week and keep up these 10+ mile rides, for the first time in a while, I really think I can do it!

P.S. Just one more little graph that I thought was interesting. Here’s what my weight-loss progress looks like since I decided to go for this 280 pound goal:

April 2017 Wrap-up, What A Month It Was!

April 2017 Wrap-up, What A Month It Was!

     I mean, personally when I set goals, I try to make sure they’re challenging, but still attainable. The idea of breaking up my entire weight-loss journey into smaller more reasonable steps was so I didn’t have to stare at this huge number of pounds to lose (over 140) and freak out thinking I was never going to get there.

     However, now with the warmer weather here I’m able to get outside more, I’ve been taking the metro places, taking the long way around, up steps, walk a few extra blocks, and of course I renewed my Capital Bikeshare membership and I’ve tried to get in at least 7, if not 10 mile rides at least every other day when I can. Sometimes the weather slows me down, sometimes things just get a little too busy, but I’ve done a decent amount of them so far.

     The amazing part is how much they’ve accelerated my weight-loss. A wrote a blog post a few posts back about wanting to make sure I got myself down to 280 pounds by the time Gold Cup came around this coming weekend, and somehow… not only did I manage to reach my goal an entire week early, but I’ve pushed past it since I have the extra time.

     I started the month of April at 300.5 pounds, and as of this morning, exactly one month later, I’m down to 275.8 pounds. I’ve lost almost exactly 25 pounds in 1 month. That’s halfway toward the goal I set for the beginning of July to hit 250! Granted I’m sure there will be a few little bounces back up here and there, especially with event like Gold Cup where I’ll be drinking bourbon and snacking all day, but according to the math and my little charts, I’m 12.3 pounds ahead of schedule for July, so if I need to take a cheat or two here and there, I’ve surely got the room.

     Anyway, it’s been an AMAZING month and I really want to thank my friends and family who continue to encourage me and cheer me on as I make my way through this. I have lost 65.4 pounds so far, but I do have another 75.8 pounds to go! I’m sure it’s going to get harder as I get closer, the weather gets harder and my body will eventually adapt to what I’m doing and make it a little harder for me as well, but I’m committed to pushing as hard as I can, sticking to the plan and getting through this, while making sure that I enjoy my free time as well. If I slow down a little, if I have a few up days after hanging with friends, so be it. I know I’ll get there, but the point is improve the quality of my life and be a happier healthier person.

     So… here goes the month of May, let’s see what happens!!

Pounds, Pastels and Plateaus… BUSTED

Pounds, Pastels and Plateaus… BUSTED

So I needed a little nap... STOP JUDGING!!
So I needed a little nap… STOP JUDGING!!

     Everyone who’s ever dieted knows that sometimes you hit these plateaus and they can be frustrating as hell. They always seem to happen right when you set a small goal and really mess up your shopping trips!  😛

     So, of course, that’s where I am now. Locked in right around 290 pounds, and while I’m still on way and even a little ahead of schedule to hit my goal of 250 pounds for my cousin’s wedding in July, I really did want to get myself down just 10 more pounds by the time Gold Cup came around.

— 3 days later —

     So I’ve eaten right, been busting my butt on bike rides to get faster, go farther and make sure my heart rate stays up to where it should be, and it looks like I’ve made it though this last little plateau at 290 pounds , but one thing thats concerning a bit it how much my legs hurt, even with a rest day between rides. I’m going to have to look at what I’m eating and if there’s something I can improve on or change that might help me recover a little better or a little faster. Either that, or I have to slow it down a little bit no push so hard on rides.

     Either way… things are going well, especially since I hit another new low weight this morning after a 10 mile ride and a nearly 20,000 step day… so, for now I’ll just keep going and hope with another rest day and some great weather ahead the rights and the weight loss can continue. I’ve got just under 5 pounds to lose and 10 days to do it. Then I get to reward myself with new Brooks Brothers gear for the race! Also, for those of you wondering… YES… for race day, all diet rules are suspended!!

P.S. Right below this is my chart toward my goal of 250 pounds by July, but as always, you can look at my current weight loss charts page, which should now be permanently linked in the top right corner of any page about my weight loss from a desktop, or right below a blog post on a mobile phone.

April Showers Bring May Weight Loss

April Showers Bring May Weight Loss

     I’ve been so busy these last few weeks, between work as well as personal stuff that sometimes it’s a little harder to stick to my diet than I’d like. The good news is, I’ve managed to squeeze in a little more exercise again, I’ve been watching what I eat, food logging and trying to keep on top of it the best I can.

     I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I decided today was a good of a time as any since, for the first time in a while I weighed-in and hit another new low weight. 293.8 pounds, which means that since the start of this journey I’ve already lost just over 47 pounds. I reached my last goal of getting out of the 300’s by the end of March, and now it’s time to set new goals.

     I’ve got a wedding coming up at the beginning of July, so with that being a few months away, plus the weather getting warmer and being able to do more exercise, that seemed like the perfect goal to set, so that’s it. I’m going to try to drop the next 50 pounds, down to 250 by July 3rd. I know it won’t be easy, but I’ll keep plugging away and as always, if you want to check up on me, my current weight loss progress has it’s very own live updated page!

Goals Are Good, Making Them Stick Is Better

Goals Are Good, Making Them Stick Is Better

     I know some of you saw the picture to the right posted about a week ago, in fact, it was the morning of my 38th birthday. So while I was excited to reach my initial goal of getting out of the 300 club, I knew it was going to bounce back up since there was no way I was following all the rules on, basically, The Ultimate Cheat Day, a.k.a my birthday. I did however promise a full blog post and an update of where I’m at. So, here it comes, with a few slight exceptions which, I think you’ll see after reading, are pretty fair.

     So again, of course, you’ll see by the graph below, right after my birthday night, and the day of hungover “I think I’m gonna die” eating that needed to happen to recover. As quickly as I got myself under 300 pounds, I bounced right back up… and decently back up as well, to 305.3. THATS a lot of drinking and eating in two days. Enough so, that it took almost an entire week to make it back to where I was!

     You can also see from the same graph how it started coming back down right afterward. I went back to sticking to my diet, took a few extra walks, and now the best part is, almost exactly one week later, all the damage done from “The Birthday Bounce” is gone, and I’m not only back under 300, but I’ve dropped even farther down and landed myself even farther down to 298.8!

     While I’m pretty excited about it, I’m not going to celebrate yet, since I based my real achievement on the 7 day average weight, which I’ll explain in another post next week, but it does still feel pretty damn good to reach a goal, even if you know you’re about to have another weekend of bananas amounts of fun and probably bounce back up a little bit!! Like I said though, more on that early next week!!

27 Things That Make Me A Loser

27 Things That Make Me A Loser

     What a crazy month it’s been. There’s been plenty of ups and downs, both in my weight-loss and the rest of my life as well, but… over the course of the last month’s Biggest Loser contest, I’ve managed to lose 27.2 pounds. That means since the start of my little 2017 weight-loss journey, I’ve actually lost 39 pounds. My original first goal was to get out of the 300 club by the end of March, and somehow, against all odds, I find myself 2.2 pounds away on March 1st. How awesome would it be to reach my goal by birthday this coming Saturday?!

     One of the most amazing things about this past month has been the willingness of my friends to join me in part to support me, as well as to get some support and motivation themselves as well. They are such a broad range of people in every way, from one friend I’ve known for nearly a decade to another I met just a few short months ago. Both male and female, starting all at different points that spanned almost a 160 pound difference. So, while I always thank the people around me for encouraging me, sending me helpful tips, even just noticing when they see me that I “look a little different”, that’s all always such a big help, but this month a very special 1000 thank you’s go out to Lena, Alec, Joe, Javier, Vik, Damien and Ashley for tossing their $50 in a being a part of this little month-long competition. Not only did we, together, loose over 85 pounds together but your motivation and encouragement has been invaluable. As if losing this weight isn’t already uplifting enough, to know I have friends who are willing to join me on this journey has made it one of best months I’ve had in a long time. So again guys, 1000 time, sincerely, thank you for all your help!

    While my ultimate goal is still a long way off, at least many months if not a year, I’m off to a great start. I should hit my first goal nearly a month early, set me next one very soon and while this Biggest Loser contest might be over, I am 100% up for starting another one that’s maybe a little longer term with anyone out there who’s willing to give it a shot. Trust me, if you even feel half as good as I do right now, it’s totally worth it.

    Also, for anyone who wants to keep track of where I’m at along the way, competition or not, this diet and weight-loss will continue and I’ve just updated my current weight-loss page to show all the current numbers. If you check it out, just be prepared, I’m a nerd… there’s a lot of numbers there! hahaha

21.2 Reasons I Don’t Give a Shit About Valentines Day

21.2 Reasons I Don’t Give a Shit About Valentines Day

     I was hoping I’d be able to make this post soon, and what better day to make it than today. I’ve finally crossed the 20 pounds lost mark! Everyone needs a reason to feel good on Valentine’s Day, right?!

     I’m still averaging just under 1 pound a day, and there are, of course, better days than others. I haven’t really been taking pictures of myself to document anything right now, but I’m sure just from pictures of being out with friends and such you can see it in my face a little bit, and once I start to see some more dramatic changes, I’ll be sure to document it with some annoying selfies! 😛

     One thing that’s come up multiple times over the last few weeks over how often to weigh yourself. It’s something I’ve talked about with people plenty of times and while everyone has their own opinion, I was talking about this with my friends who have decided to do our Biggest Loser contest together and found an interesting article about “the new trend” which is actually to weigh yourself everyday. If it’s something you’ve thought about, it’s worth a read, check it out: USA Today – New advice for weight loss: Get on the scale every day

     And last but not least, here’s the same chart as before with my progress down out of the 300 club!