60 Pounds In 90 Days

     So yes, you read that right, I’ve successfully lost 60 pounds in 90 days. It surely hasn’t been easy, and maybe it was a little bit of an insane goal, but I did it.

     There have been some ups and downs for sure. It’s not nearly as easy as you think it might be after having bariatric surgery. It’s not like it wasn’t explained to me over and over again, that surgery is a tool to help with weight loss, not a magic solution that does all the work for you. It seems so easy when you first start, the pounds just start falling off. Which is amazing, but it is short lived. Eventually the slow downs happen, the plateau comes.

April 2021 - Weight Chart

     I did finally get clearance from the doctors to start working out again, and in the last few days I bought a new treadmill (after mine died), starting doing at last 30 – 60 minutes on that, and toss in a few 10 – 20 minute rowing sessions as well.

     I’m obviously going to have a lot more work to do in the future, but it’s amazingly motivating to see that progress is finally being made. I’m sleeping better, I have more energy… and I’d say my clothes even fit better, but that’s part of the problem… my clothes actually don’t fit all. Everything is falling off, I’ve run out of belts, I’ve had to make additional holes in a bunch of them, and most of my shirts look completely ridiculous.

     So if you see me out in shorts and a t-shirt that are obviously 5 sizes too big, now you know why. I’ll go shopping soon, but at this point anything I buy won’t fit in a few weeks anyway. So it looks like I’ll be clothes shopping for any important events the week before and donating the clothes a few weeks later! Hahahaha

     Thanks so much to all of you for all your support and encouragement and I’m sure I’ll be in touch soon looking for excusing to out biking, kayaking, hiking, etc… now that the weather is getting better and we have a far smaller chance of becoming zombies, I’m ready to get outside and keep moving!!

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