Current Weight-Loss Progress

     It’s been a while since this got updated, but as I continue on this journey, I thought it was important to update everything so you can all I see exactly where I’m at. Losing this weight started for me on Monday, January 23rd at a weight of 341.2 pounds. That’s pretty scary! The following spreadsheet shows my personal bests. My lowest weight, the most weight lost and the best single day recorded weight-loss. I guess you could call this “the bottom line”. It’s where I am right now compared to that first day at the end of January.

     Below you’ll find a chart of both my daily weigh-ins as well as my 7 day average weight which is what I really use to “officially” track myself. This chart is automatically updated live from the spreadsheet I use to track my weight everyday.

     This second chart shows my daily weight loss per day in pounds, my 7 day average weight loss per day in pounds as well as my total daily and 7 day average weightless in pounds! It’s a lot of data, but this is the important stuff!!

     While this isn’t the first time I’ve decided to drop a few pounds, this time I’m trying to do in a much healthier more sustainable way. The most important part for me here is going to be to take the time and commit to making this something I stay on top of for the rest of my life. Even now, at the time I’m updating this page I’m at the point where I’ve only lost about the first 40 pounds and hope to be able to drop nearly 100 more, but even after this first few… I feel better, I feel like I look better… I have more energy, I sleep better, I’m more confident, and it’s an amazing feeling I want to keep going with for as long as I can!

    Time will tell… and so will these charts, so if you catch me slipping, see that the charts haven’t been update recently or anything like that, jump right on over to my “stalk me” page and pick whatever way you’d like to harass the hell out of me and get my ass back in gear! Also, I’m always open to a hike, bike ride, some kayaking, or hell… even just a walk. So if you feel like you need a little extra motivation or a workout buddy, let me know, plenty of my friends have helped me out along the way and I’d be thrilled to pay it forward and help others get something moving too!

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