Oh The Month Of meh.

     So… yeah, the month of May was surely pretty meh. I’m still dieting and still making decent weight-loss progress, but I made less than I would have liked. Between The Virginia Gold Cup, DC101’s Kerfuffle and some road-trips, sticking to my diet was a little harder than normal. Unfortunately it really showed in the amount of weight I lost throughout the month.

     As you can see from the graph below, there were a few big bounces in my weight. All caused by my weekend shenanigans. According to the numbers, for the entire month I actually only lost a total of 5.75 pounds.

Withings App Weight-loss Progress Chart - May 2017
In this chart you can see the 3 bumps. One on the 8th, the 14th and another on about the 24th.

     As June starts I’m back to my diet and should get in some workouts soon. I actually haven’t been on a bike ride in well over a week now. Especially since I’m not nearly as far ahead of schedule to reach my 250 pound goal as I was a few weeks ago. The chart below shows the month of May and where it lands toward that goal.

Motion X App Weight-loss Progress Chart - May 2017
Weight-loss progress for May 2017 shown in blue and my scheduled goal progress in orange.

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