April 2017 Wrap-up, What A Month It Was!

     I mean, personally when I set goals, I try to make sure they’re challenging, but still attainable. The idea of breaking up my entire weight-loss journey into smaller more reasonable steps was so I didn’t have to stare at this huge number of pounds to lose (over 140) and freak out thinking I was never going to get there.

     However, now with the warmer weather here I’m able to get outside more, I’ve been taking the metro places, taking the long way around, up steps, walk a few extra blocks, and of course I renewed my Capital Bikeshare membership and I’ve tried to get in at least 7, if not 10 mile rides at least every other day when I can. Sometimes the weather slows me down, sometimes things just get a little too busy, but I’ve done a decent amount of them so far.

     The amazing part is how much they’ve accelerated my weight-loss. A wrote a blog post a few posts back about wanting to make sure I got myself down to 280 pounds by the time Gold Cup came around this coming weekend, and somehow… not only did I manage to reach my goal an entire week early, but I’ve pushed past it since I have the extra time.

     I started the month of April at 300.5 pounds, and as of this morning, exactly one month later, I’m down to 275.8 pounds. I’ve lost almost exactly 25 pounds in 1 month. That’s halfway toward the goal I set for the beginning of July to hit 250! Granted I’m sure there will be a few little bounces back up here and there, especially with event like Gold Cup where I’ll be drinking bourbon and snacking all day, but according to the math and my little charts, I’m 12.3 pounds ahead of schedule for July, so if I need to take a cheat or two here and there, I’ve surely got the room.

     Anyway, it’s been an AMAZING month and I really want to thank my friends and family who continue to encourage me and cheer me on as I make my way through this. I have lost 65.4 pounds so far, but I do have another 75.8 pounds to go! I’m sure it’s going to get harder as I get closer, the weather gets harder and my body will eventually adapt to what I’m doing and make it a little harder for me as well, but I’m committed to pushing as hard as I can, sticking to the plan and getting through this, while making sure that I enjoy my free time as well. If I slow down a little, if I have a few up days after hanging with friends, so be it. I know I’ll get there, but the point is improve the quality of my life and be a happier healthier person.

     So… here goes the month of May, let’s see what happens!!

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