Weekend Fun Lurks, The Weight-Loss Continues…

Weekend Fun Lurks, The Weight-Loss Continues…

     It’s right about now each week… late Friday morning when thoughts of happy hour and seeing friends start to kick in. That’s, of course, also when the anxiety of another little weekend bump in weight comes along, or like last weekend, the sweet, sweet temptation of late night chicken and waffles causes a 4+ day plateau in my weight-loss. Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!

    I can’t say for sure that it’s not going to happen. Let’s be honest, put me in a room with enough people and enough bourbon and, almost without a doubt, snacks will arrive at some point in the evening/early morning! Hahahaha So if you see me out this weekend… please, by me a drink… BUT when I suggest some late night eats…. SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF ME AND SEND ME HOME!!

     As you can see, I’m doing pretty well toward hitting my goal of being out of the 300 club by the end of March, maybe even a little earlier if I stay ahead of schedule like this, but let me not jinx it yet. <fingers crossed, knock on wood> In fact, I’m almost halfway done already. I started at just over 341 pounds and weighed-in this morning as just over 321. I’m less the .5 pounds away from hitting the 20 pound mark. Hopefully by the time I write my next post, I’ll already be there!

Weight Plateaus And The Women Who Love Them

Weight Plateaus And The Women Who Love Them

     Weight plateaus… they happen… as for the women that love them, yeah… that’s just a catchy title so you read my silly blog, nobody actually loves hitting a weight plateau, in fact, they ALL suck!

     So we wound up with 8 people in my little month-long Biggest Loser competition and it’s been great so far. Having that extra motivation of friends who are doing the same with you, posting their weigh-in pictures, sending messages to the group chat, it’s a really great way to help stay motivated, especially when you hit a rough patch.

     It’s just that pesky little bit at the end right there at the end that seems to have started this past Monday. Granted… I may have had a liiiiiiittle big of a drunk snack episode late Saturday night, so I knew it wasn’t going to be great, but the effect of that to be hanging 3 or 4 days later is starting to drive me crazy!

     The only good part is, I had set my own personal goal of getting out of the 300 club by the end of March, and even with this little rough patch, I’m still doing pretty well and am on schedule to hit that goal. It’s been 14 days and I’ve lost 13.5 pounds, so being pretty close to losing 1 pound per day really isn’t that bad. Hopefully I can break through this plateau soon and not fall behind. I’m still 2.2 pounds ahead of schedule, but it’s starting to get a little close!

     I’m gonna keep plugging away… I know it’s a long road, but I know it’s worth the work!

The Incident’s Biggest Loser – February 2017

The Incident’s Biggest Loser – February 2017

     So here’s the story… a friend who read yesterday’s post about getting my weight-loss efforts back on track again made a great suggestion. He suggested that we start our very own Biggest Loser competition, so… we are! Here’s how it goes:

  • It’s $50 to enter the competition
  • The first weigh-in is the morning of Friday, February 3rd, 2017
  • The “winner” is the person who loses the highest percentage of their starting weight
  • Weigh-ins are everyday
  • Pictures of your scale will be sent to me and I’m entering the weights on a shared Google spreadsheet
  • We’ve also got a Facebook group, chat and email list setup so, of course, we can do a little motivating (read: “shit talking”) along the way!
  • Right now there are only 4 of us, so winner takes all. If we get to over 6 people, we might set it up so 3rd place gets their $50 back, 2nd place gets $100 and the winner gets $150 and if we get more people than 6, the winner just keeps getting more and more!

If you decide you’d like to join us, get in touch ASAP and you can do a late check-in maybe tomorrow morning! If not, don’t worry, I’ll still be posting over and over again about how much ass I’m kicking!!

So, who would anyone else like to join?

World War III – The Battle of The Bulge Continues

World War III – The Battle of The Bulge Continues

     Yup, you guessed it. I’m at it again. This is obviously something that’s been a struggle for me for a long time. This is the 3rd time in the last few years that I’ve decided to try to lose weight, and it’s unfortunately my most difficult starting point yet.

     Being overweight isn’t easy. Not only did I have 342 pounds to carry around every day, but there’s the mental and emotional weight that goes along with it. It’s hard to get dressed to go out to see friends and get annoyed when something doesn’t fit right, or fit the “way it used to”. It’s even really hard to go shopping, especially when you have such impeccable style as I do, and everything you pick up and love, you can’t find it your size.

     It honestly is a pretty terrible way to start a Friday night, or a terrible way to start thinking about a party or some event you might be going to. Your first thought becomes “oh shit, what am I going to wear”, and it’s a thought that doesn’t go away quickly. Sooner than you expect, it can start to lead to depression and anxiety about going out in general, regardless of the reason.

     For someone who’s a bit of an extreme extrovert, like myself, it can really become an internal battle. You want to out and be social more than anything, you thrive on it, but at the same time, the thought of having to actually pick out something to wear and head out there is terrifying at times.

     So here is where the journey begins… a few days ago. My first weigh-in this time around scared the hell out of me, 341.2 pounds. That’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. It’s scary that I had to wait until this point to really get my ass in gear again.

Weight Chart - 2017-01-23

    So, as you can see… I’ve been dieting, trying to keep on top of it, and while the graph zigzags all over the place, it surely is going steadily down. I know it’s supposed to be SUCH a bad thing to weigh yourself everyday, or even multiple times a day, but just like you’ve seen in previous posts, I’m a data-driven guy. The more numbers I have the better. So I weigh myself just about any time I walk past my scale and as long as I see the daily average going down, which is it. I’m happy.

     Since the day of my first weigh in, it’s been 10 days and I’ve already lost 11.8 pounds!

Weight Chart - 2017-02-07


     And as always, I like to set goals for myself, so this first one is going to be pretty simple. I’d like to get out of the 300 club by the end of March. That shouldn’t be all that difficult. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, keep the pizza out of my mouth and hopefully I can make it!

365 Days of Fun, 75 Pounds of a New Life. Thank You.

365 Days of Fun, 75 Pounds of a New Life. Thank You.

Some of you might know this about me already, some of might just be finding out…. some of you might have been following along for a while, while other’s have never seen this before… but, since I’m a little of a (huge) nerd, I like numbers. I like math, I like spreadsheets, I like collecting data, making charts and really visualizing what something looks like.

Well, exactly 1 year ago, post-break-up, 35 years old and 308 pounds, I woke up… I remember the morning… I was getting ready in the morning to head out to the doctor’s office, then meet some friends for lunch and I remember that exact moment, finding a stupid spot on one of my favorite shirts, looking in the mirror to see if you could actually see it or not, and what I saw looking back at me seemed like a whole other person. A 300 pound lazy asshole who has zero legitimate excuses for being fat. Just a typical 9 – 5, sit my fat ass in an office chair all week, drink and eat too much, not just all weekend, but eat too much every day, and the thought of working out, going outside and doing something physical just wasn’t really even a thought.

So, here’s what those two guys looks like:

That's nearly 1 year ago to the day.
That’s nearly 1 year ago to the day.

Also…. I’m not usually the one to post these things all the time, but… just for reference, those shorts I’m wearing on the right, here’s about how they fit now:

Seriously, you can see right through them to the floor!!
Seriously, you can see right through them to the floor!!

It’s been one hell of a crazy year, to say the least, but I’m thrilled with this progress. I’m down just over 75 pounds and I can’t wait to keep going. Between bike riding, kayaking, hiking, even a little running… it hasn’t been easy, but it sure hasn’t been boring either. Thanks so much to all of you that have supported me with great words of encouragement, compliments, and especially great excuses to get outside, keep myself active and make loosing weight fun.

So, who’s up for the next hike, kayaking trip or bike ride with me?!

P.S. And as always, there’s my Current Progress page so you can see how I’m doing in between posts and I promise, I’ll try to post a little more. One more fun little graphic, here’s the chart of y weight over the last year…. it hasn’t all be steady, but it surely has been going down!!

image (1)

10 in 10. Ready, set, GO!

A new little challenge for myself in an effort to get things moving again, literally. I’ve got a few events coming up in the next few weeks and I wanted to set a goal for myself to drop a few pounds before they arrive.

IMG_5533.JPGMy first goal: 10 pounds in 10 days, after that I’ll probably aim for another 10 over the next 20 days. For first, 10 in 10, then 20 in 30.

So starting out, yesterday I weighed in at 267.5, and already this morning I’m down 2.4 pounds!

The good part was it wasn’t terribly hard. I stuck to my diet a little better, decided for a workout I would run up the steps back to my apartment after dropping off some empty boxes and 1 day of paying attention to what I’m eating, as well as running up 28 flights of steps and I’m off to a good start. I’m about to make myself a morning protein shake, get some work done and then tonight run my 3rd 5k of the season… and hopefully beat my last time 39:58. It’s not the best time in the world, my ultimate goal will be to get a 5k done in under 30 minutes, but it’s a starting point and I’ll keep going from there!

Getting My Ish Back Together

Getting My Ish Back Together

Yes, it HAS been a while… long enough that, not only has life changed a lot, but yes, I’ve gain a few pounds back. Since my lowest weight, just before the holidays, I gained back almost 16 pounds. It’s not totally unexpected, but it still stings a bit. Even when you know it’s coming, I ate the food, I slacked on the workouts and I surely did my fair share of snacking… but to get on a scale again and see the damage done in the numbers is pretty solid motivation.

The good news is, I’m still well over 40 pounds down from where I started and in the last 2 days getting back into working out and eating right has been a bit painful, but well worth it. I knock off 1.5 of those “damage pounds” in the first day.

I added another little chart to my current progress page also that shows my lowest weight, my current weight, the difference between the two and the distance to my goal, check it out:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.56.14 AM

The new year has started, the mess of the holidays is over and there’s some amazing new motivation in my life to help me keep on track. So, here I go… wish me luck!!

Forgive Me Internet, For I Have Sinned…

Forgive Me Internet, For I Have Sinned…

I’m so close…. SO. CLOSE.

Forgive me Internet, for I have sinned. It has been 17 days since my last post. These are my sins:

1) 3 huge pieces of turkey.
2) Way too many beers.
3) Ice cream.
4) Drunk McDonalds.
5) 9 days without workouts.

For these sins and all the sins of my diet and exercise plan, I am sorry.

I know a lot of you have been wondering what’s happened and if I’m still going. I know this because I’ve gotten a few text messages and emails demanding I show myself and stop trying to hide from the people who have actually been paying attention. The great news is that I, of course, have NOT stopped dieting and working out. I just got busy.

Photo-2014-12-10-15-50-58_5672Between traveling for the holidays, actually working for a living, seeing friends and trying to make sure I get out of the house a little more, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to really post. However, I thought after reaching another new low-weight this morning, I would pop this up real quick and let everyone know I’m still at it.

As of this weekend I found, not only a pile of old school…. literally old SCHOOL, t-shirts and such from college that haven’t fit in years, but that I am yet another notch on my belt smaller. It was a pretty amazing feeling, then to follow it up this morning with a weigh-in at 252.1 pounds, ALMOST dropping under that 250 mark and hitting my first 60 pound goal, was amazing.

It’s time to buckle down again, no pun intended, keep moving and HIT THAT 250 POUND GOAL!!!

P.S. Don’t forget, you can always check my weight-loss progress page to see how I’m doing any day. It’s updated automatically as I track my weight.

T-Day: The First Battle of The Bounce – Friendsgiving

T-Day: The First Battle of The Bounce – Friendsgiving

We all know it happens, and yes, I knew it was going to happen too. I drank my waters, I watched my calorie intake very carefully and I ran my ass off for DAYS to prepare to battle the holiday bounces. Well, bounce number 1 is done, and it was a big one. Between the amazing stuffing, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, incredible bacon wrapped hourdourves, and of course, some pretty damn good turkey, the first big holiday bounce in my weight has happened. This mornings weigh-in was a gain of 4.5 pounds!

FriendsgivingBounceThe crazy part is, 4.5 pounds is NOT hard to do. I didn’t eat until I felt sick, I didn’t stuff my face constantly, hell… other than eating a few extra dinner rolls at the end of the night to try to soak up some of the amazing amount of beer and prosecco I had consumed, I didn’t really go too overboard. What this really is, is a lesson in metabolism. While my normal diet is about 1000 – 1200 calories a day, and my normal day includes at least two 45 minute workouts, when you don’t work out at all and you consume what has to be at least 3,000 if not 4,000 calories, your body just isn’t going to know what to do with it.

You can just barely see in the chart to the left that huge pop up in the blue line, which is my daily weight. You’ll be able to see it a little easier in the charts on the current weight-loss progress page, both this one and the big drop in my daily weight-loss totals chart in yellow below it. The question now becomes, how long will it take to defeat the first holiday bounce of the season?

Today may be a bit of a loss for me from a workout perspective. It’s almost 2pm and I’m just barely getting up and moving. Between all the workouts over the last few days and staying out WAY too late last night, I don’t really see myself crushing 2+ workouts today. I will surely try to get in at least one this evening, but I am 100% back on my normal diet and back to regular intake of food and water, so if my body stops feeling like it was crushed under a beer truck last night… I can get up and get in a solid workout tonight. Then for the next two days I need to really be on top of my workouts and diet with the goal being to defeat this first bounce by the time I leave for New York to spend the holiday with my family and jump head first into T-Day: The Battle of The Bounce – Round Two! 😉

Last, but certainly not least… and even-though it was a bit of a dinger to my diet… I want to thank our hostess from last night, Jess. She’s not only throws a great party, but has become such an amazing friend over these last few months. Yelling at me when I’m not working out enough, continuing to motivate and encourage me to push forward and keep things moving in the right direction. She always there to send over some words of encouragement or a much needed compliment, she’s given me great diet tips, running advice, constant suggestions on how to change things up and keep things interesting, and of course… when she finally catches me off-guard enough, she’ll probably be the first one to finally convince me to commit to running a half-marathon. She’s already been trying for weeks!! 😛

Hey Fat Guy! I Half Win!

Hey Fat Guy! I Half Win!

So how scary is this math…. In the last approximately 665 days, I gained 102 pounds. Seriously, that’s not a joke, I’m pretty sure you read it right! In  about 2 years, I gained over 100 pounds… Of course, that was until 94 days ago!!

Let’s start at the beginning though. Almost 2 years before starting this diet, the last weigh-in I have a record of was on October 10th, 2012 and I weighed 206.75 pounds. My lowest weight ever was just one day before that at exactly 206 pounds. Then, when I had finally had enough of being a fat guy my first weigh in was August 20, 2014 at 308 pounds. So, as I said above, in 1 year and 10 months, I gained 102 pounds. That’s just scary!

The amazing news is, what’s taken nearly 2 years to put on, is officially half gone in 94 days! I’m losing the weight at over 3.5 times the rate I put it on. While I gained an average of just over .15 pounds a day, I’m losing an average of .56 pounds a day. After a few GREAT days of solid workouts, 100% following my diet and really making sure I pay attention to every little detail, I weighed-in this morning at 255.5 pounds for a total loss, so far, of 52.5 pounds which represents 17% of my original body weight. Now THAT is a solid milestone!

As always, you can see the exact details and daily progress at my current weight loss page, but here is the graph from my Fitbit dashboard. Also, this actually puts me about 5.5 pounds from reaching my first major goal!!

11-21-2014 10-09-40 AM

For those of you still reading, you might be wondering why this happened, or even how. The weight GAIN I mean, not the loss… that happened because I’m eating right and running 90+  minutes a day! 😛 The truth is, there are probably a lot of reasons for my weight gain, most of them related to being lazy. I continued my working out and dieting almost exactly 1 month into a relationship, and that’s when I let it all go.

I was comfortable, I had a great girl, we were having tons of fun… my life was in an amazing place. I had just sold my stock in the company I worked with for over 5 years, money was good, the girl was great, life was amazing. So, why keep working right? I had celebrating to do and fun to have!

Well, I decided to change jobs, the season went from the fun summer to the cold winter, stress mounted, physical activity slowed and the fun of drinking with friends, Sunday Fundays, dinners out, vacations and weekend road trips… it all seemed to happen at once and I, unconsciously, decided that having a good time was more important than putting my effort into maintaining my weight. I should have been setting some rules and making sure I stayed in this amazingly happy and personally satisfying place.

Anyone that’s been around me for the past 2 years surely saw the change. They saw the weight pile on, the saw the smile turn to a grumpy scowl. My awesome nights with friends went from hilarious social gatherings to me drinking away the stress and crappy feelings from my jeans not fitting right, the frustration of finding some super cool pair of pants or a shirt and, of course, it not being available in my size. My weight ruined so many of my nights before I even left the house.

When I look back at how I was living 2 years ago and compare it to how I was living and how I felt 94 days ago, I’m scared. I’m sad, disappointed and feel like I let myself down. The worst part is, I let down the people around me who had to watch this happen and worse, who had to endure the brunt of my bad attitude.

The good news is, I’ve said for a long time that the mark of an adult is the ability to make mistakes, correct them and learn from the lesson. Well, this time around, that surely is my plan. Granted I’ve lost half the weight I gained and I’m only a few pounds away from my first goal of getting down to 250/losing 60 pounds. Plus, I’m nearly halfway to “Wonderland” as it’s been called… to be under 200 pounds again, but the most important thing I’ve learned this time around is that a lazy day, a stressful week and even a bad run for a little while, can’t ever result in the type of weight gain I’ve had over the last couple of years. There needs to be rules. If I gain more than 5 pounds, I watch my diet and work out a bit, if it hits 10 pounds, it’s all go, no stop, diet and workout until my legs want to fall off…. just like I do now. I’ve learned the skills I need and own the tools required to lose weight, I just have to make sure I identify the time to really amp things up and keep it all under control.

I said in one of my first posts that “I will win the battle with my weight this time around”, however, I’ve learned over the last 3 months that it’s exactly that… just a battle. The life-long war will be maintaining that weight and level of health by making sure that I conscientiously never allow myself to be in this position again. I let it slip the first time, that was a mistake. To let it ever happen again would be stupidity and that is NOT something I’m willing to accept.