365 Days of Fun, 75 Pounds of a New Life. Thank You.

Some of you might know this about me already, some of might just be finding out…. some of you might have been following along for a while, while other’s have never seen this before… but, since I’m a little of a (huge) nerd, I like numbers. I like math, I like spreadsheets, I like collecting data, making charts and really visualizing what something looks like.

Well, exactly 1 year ago, post-break-up, 35 years old and 308 pounds, I woke up… I remember the morning… I was getting ready in the morning to head out to the doctor’s office, then meet some friends for lunch and I remember that exact moment, finding a stupid spot on one of my favorite shirts, looking in the mirror to see if you could actually see it or not, and what I saw looking back at me seemed like a whole other person. A 300 pound lazy asshole who has zero legitimate excuses for being fat. Just a typical 9 – 5, sit my fat ass in an office chair all week, drink and eat too much, not just all weekend, but eat too much every day, and the thought of working out, going outside and doing something physical just wasn’t really even a thought.

So, here’s what those two guys looks like:

That's nearly 1 year ago to the day.
That’s nearly 1 year ago to the day.

Also…. I’m not usually the one to post these things all the time, but… just for reference, those shorts I’m wearing on the right, here’s about how they fit now:

Seriously, you can see right through them to the floor!!
Seriously, you can see right through them to the floor!!

It’s been one hell of a crazy year, to say the least, but I’m thrilled with this progress. I’m down just over 75 pounds and I can’t wait to keep going. Between bike riding, kayaking, hiking, even a little running… it hasn’t been easy, but it sure hasn’t been boring either. Thanks so much to all of you that have supported me with great words of encouragement, compliments, and especially great excuses to get outside, keep myself active and make loosing weight fun.

So, who’s up for the next hike, kayaking trip or bike ride with me?!

P.S. And as always, there’s my Current Progress page so you can see how I’m doing in between posts and I promise, I’ll try to post a little more. One more fun little graphic, here’s the chart of y weight over the last year…. it hasn’t all be steady, but it surely has been going down!!

image (1)

4 thoughts on “365 Days of Fun, 75 Pounds of a New Life. Thank You.

  1. Awesome job! Not just with changing your life by removing the weight of an average 9 year old, but waking up and deciding to do it.

    1. Thanks!!!!!! But don’t leave it there…. but the time I’m done, I’ll be aiming more for the weight of, say… at 12 year old. 75 down, 30 – 50 more to go!

    1. I told you the other night…. I’m in. I’ll even wake up at go with you at the butt crack of dawn if I have to! But…… then I pick the next adventure! 😛

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