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@DCdebbie How difficult would you say the application process is? I’m not sure how much time I have for paperwork r… https://t.co/rRWQoMv76w
Some @prophetsofrage w/ @tmorello & his "political BS" raging against much more than the washing machine! Shot at a… https://t.co/aAE2b9GRYI
So @instacart, if there is any way you can find her and recognize her in some way other than just the tip I left, t… https://t.co/edYMBNEnbR
My @Instacart delivery was arriving and shopper told me the store was out of the masks I ordered, I asked if there… https://t.co/gqW8M1eNJv
@FatGirlvsWorld @barredindc It's true... she does... and it's a pretty good time if I don't say so myself! Check ou… https://t.co/UE7DDSyo4H
On the last few #astrophotography shoot locations I had actually forgotten to bring my #drone... looks like I remem… https://t.co/FdKUPjtwQf
You always know your #astrophotography session is done for the night when you’re still going at #sunrise!… https://t.co/mtHXuUEhW4
Well... did a little organizing of the main gear shelf.... the scary part is... this isn't even half of it!!… https://t.co/sesMUKKnGn

Documenting life one photo at a time…

It's actually hard sometimes not to carry my camera around with me. You'd think lugging around this big heavy backpack full of deal would get pretty old pretty fast, and sure... I still take plenty of pictures with my iPhone, but anytime I don't have a good camera with me, I always find myself missing it!

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A little bit about me…

It's been an interesting past 39 years, a lot has happened. The quick version: I was born and raised on Long Island, went to school in upstate New York at SUNY Albany, had a whole bunch of different jobs when I came home... everything from working as a DJ, to being a mechanic, managing a bar, being a medic, and finally back to IT which is what lead to move to Washington, DC and since then, the story get's a looooooot more detailed! Feel free to buy me a few drinks and ask plenty of questions, I promise you, I won't run out of stories! 😛

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