Gold Cup Outfits… for real… this is MAN stuff!

No no, seriously… I need help figuring out what to wear to Gold Cup next weekend, that’s why I’m asking you to take a look at this. There were too many options to just send a text or email. So here we go!

Ok, let’sĀ get this started….


~~* SHIRTS *~~

Striped Pastel Shirt
A vertical striped pink and blue pastel shirt.
Pink and Blue checked shirt
A pink and blue checked shirt with a little righter colors.
Pastel Pink Shirt
A just a plain solid pastel pink shirt.

~~* JACKETSĀ *~~

White Jacket
A white jacked with or without some sort of matching pocket square.
Seersucker Jacket
A blue and white seersucker jacket

~~* PANTS *~~

Pastel Blue Pants
Some pastel blue pants
Pastel Red Pants
Pastel red pants


Red White and Blue Mode
Just full on red white and blue… and of course, my American flag sunglesses with it.

~~* TIES? *~~

Pink Paisley Tie
A pink paisley tie
Blue Checked Tie
A blue checked tie with pink accents
Plaid Tie
A plaid tie with EXACT matching shoes that would go with it too!

I think that just about does it… I need to work on belts and shoes, but I’ll get there!!