We’ve Finally Arrived! Indy 500 Trip Log #2

     And what an adventure it’s been already. Our alarms were set yesterday for 9am to finish packing, run last-minute errands, head to the airport, pick up the RV, get back to DC, pack, make a beer run and go!! It wound up taking about 11 hours to make it out here, but right around 6:15am this morning we pulled into the staging area for our parking lot… only… they didn’t tell us it was the staging area. So, we set up some stuff, changed for bed, fire up the generator and the AC and nap time it was.

     Until… the generator stalled… and stalled again… aaaaaaand again… so, now we’re awake and just sitting wondering if this damn thing is going to hold out or if we’re going to have to make a phone call to see what can be done to fix it. Spending the next 4 days in a hot box does NOT sound enjoyable.

     And of course, it won’t stay running… so now we’re calling to see what we can do! UGH!

<Break…. 20 minutes of phone calls later…..>

     The travelers assistance guy told us we need to go buy oil! Seriously… I’m 600 miles away from home, in a rented RV…. and somehow I’m *STILL* doing repairs! WTFF?! We actually had to pull out of the RV lot, drive to the gas station up the road, buy a few quarts of oil and fill it up ourselves. This…. is my life.

     However, at least we’re here and ready to get things setup and rolling!! (no pun intended)

Version 2

Read more about our trip: https://l.casta.no/indy500blog

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