Below you’ll find the charts of my weight, daily calorie intake and body measurements… this is how I plan on charting my progress.

The first chart below is my current weight. The blue line is my weight per day as measure on the same scale in the same exact place each morning when I wake up. The red line represents what the average of the last 7 days of my daily weigh-ins are. It’s this 7 day average that I’m using as my “official weight” since I know my weight may bounce up and down by a few pounds each day.

The second chart show here is the most basic way I can come up with to track how many calories I take in, and how many additional calories I burn from working out. The red line is the total number of calories I take in, as logged in MyFitnessPal on my iPhone, the blue line is the number of calories estimated to have been burned off during my daily workouts, and the orange line should be the net intake of calories for my whole day.

*Note: This does not figure in for what I burn every day just by breathing and walking around. I’ve heard estimates of about 3000 calories a day for my height and weight, but I’ll have to do some more research.

And last, slightly more confusing, is the chart for my current chest, waist and neck measurements. Since this is Operation Get Skinny, I can’t really put my current stats up on a blog without actually talking about my measurements. So there you have it, the real truth!

I won’t be measuring myself every day since: 1) It’s a pain in the ass 2) I’m figuring it’s going to change very slowly, and 3) I don’t think there is anyway to do it very accurately. So I’m thinking, for right now, that I’ll do that at least once a week. I can most definitely change the frequency as I go along if it turns out to be better another way.

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