The Adventure Continues…

2145 miles on the road since leaving DC on October, 2nd
2145 miles on the road since leaving DC on October, 2nd

I have to say, after 12 days on the road and 2145 miles… I could get used to this. When I set out to take this “little” drive I was thinking that, instead of spending money flying in and out of Missouri followed by Chicago on back to back weekends, why not just drive and “check some stuff” out along the way. It turned out to be so much more.

Spending all this time catching up with old friends and, of course, making some awesome new ones has really highlighted a part of my personality I think I almost lost for a while. Somewhere in the stress of work, the depression of weight gain and the general funk I think I had been in for a while, I had really come close to totally forgetting how much I love hanging out with friends, meeting new people and going on these random adventures.

Greetings from Mainstream Beanery in Zeeland, MI!
Greetings from Mainstream Beanery in Zeeland, MI!

The good news is: It’s not gone. I didn’t lose all of it and somewhere out here between Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Chicago and now Zeeland, Michigan… I found it again! What a great feeling it is too. I’m not totally ready to come home, I’ve got a few more stops to make along the way, but I can already say for sure, that when I return, it will be with a greatly improved attitude, renewed commitment to my weight-loss as well as reconnecting and rekindling a lot of those friendships I had let slide for a while. So, be prepared, I will be making calls (read: “sending texts”) and making plans with a lot of you and if for some reason I’m not in touch with you as fast as you’d like, get in touch with me first!

It’s great to be back and I’m not even home yet!!

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    1. Thanks Kate! That one of the best things about this trip… I hit a bunch of things I don’t think I normally every would have stopped to see. It’s amazing what a little free time and a few extra miles will uncover!

      More on that coming soon…..

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