6 Lessons I Learned At The Indy 500

1) Make sure you carry plenty of beer with you at all times… and you can drink it anywhere!

2) American Flag gear… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much American stuff on and around people ever… serious, my typical flag shades ain’t shit!

Indy500 BIG FLAG

3) Survivor Flip Cup, yeah that’s a thing!!! How did I not know this!? Basically… everyone tap, everyone drink, everyone flip, last flipper is out… BRILLIANT!!!!


4) As is turns out, a  30 foot RV ain’t shit! That’s us and our neighbors… WTF?! That’s bigger than a few of my apartments!

Version 2

5) Nap when and where you can… it’s a LONG day!


6) Last but not least… after a little too much bourbon, be VERY careful trying to smoke two cigars at the same time!

Read more about our trip: https://l.casta.no/indy500blog

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