Pounds, Pastels and Plateaus… BUSTED

Pounds, Pastels and Plateaus… BUSTED

So I needed a little nap... STOP JUDGING!!
So I needed a little nap… STOP JUDGING!!

     Everyone who’s ever dieted knows that sometimes you hit these plateaus and they can be frustrating as hell. They always seem to happen right when you set a small goal and really mess up your shopping trips!  😛

     So, of course, that’s where I am now. Locked in right around 290 pounds, and while I’m still on way and even a little ahead of schedule to hit my goal of 250 pounds for my cousin’s wedding in July, I really did want to get myself down just 10 more pounds by the time Gold Cup came around.

— 3 days later —

     So I’ve eaten right, been busting my butt on bike rides to get faster, go farther and make sure my heart rate stays up to where it should be, and it looks like I’ve made it though this last little plateau at 290 pounds , but one thing thats concerning a bit it how much my legs hurt, even with a rest day between rides. I’m going to have to look at what I’m eating and if there’s something I can improve on or change that might help me recover a little better or a little faster. Either that, or I have to slow it down a little bit no push so hard on rides.

     Either way… things are going well, especially since I hit another new low weight this morning after a 10 mile ride and a nearly 20,000 step day… so, for now I’ll just keep going and hope with another rest day and some great weather ahead the rights and the weight loss can continue. I’ve got just under 5 pounds to lose and 10 days to do it. Then I get to reward myself with new Brooks Brothers gear for the race! Also, for those of you wondering… YES… for race day, all diet rules are suspended!!

P.S. Right below this is my chart toward my goal of 250 pounds by July, but as always, you can look at my current weight loss charts page, which should now be permanently linked in the top right corner of any page about my weight loss from a desktop, or right below a blog post on a mobile phone.

April Showers Bring May Weight Loss

April Showers Bring May Weight Loss

     I’ve been so busy these last few weeks, between work as well as personal stuff that sometimes it’s a little harder to stick to my diet than I’d like. The good news is, I’ve managed to squeeze in a little more exercise again, I’ve been watching what I eat, food logging and trying to keep on top of it the best I can.

     I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I decided today was a good of a time as any since, for the first time in a while I weighed-in and hit another new low weight. 293.8 pounds, which means that since the start of this journey I’ve already lost just over 47 pounds. I reached my last goal of getting out of the 300’s by the end of March, and now it’s time to set new goals.

     I’ve got a wedding coming up at the beginning of July, so with that being a few months away, plus the weather getting warmer and being able to do more exercise, that seemed like the perfect goal to set, so that’s it. I’m going to try to drop the next 50 pounds, down to 250 by July 3rd. I know it won’t be easy, but I’ll keep plugging away and as always, if you want to check up on me, my current weight loss progress has it’s very own live updated page!