Encouragement Leads To Progress!

Just a little progress update and a thank you. I’ve learned, multiple times in life, that based on my personality, that encouragement and praise from others is so important. So I’d to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air. 😛

All kidding aside… I couldn’t resist the chance, back to reality… oh there goes gravity!

OK, I’ll stop now! Seriously… I wanted to take a quick few minutes to thank everyone who’s reached out to me over the past few days, and thank the people with whom I’ve had conversations with this in person about.

I’ve gotten a few comments on this blog, a ton of comments and likes on Facebook, text messages and phone calls. The coolest part was, that not only were all of them so positive, but a lot came along with offers of help. Juicing recipes, offers to find some active things to do on the weekends, people to workout with even people offering introductions to their personal trainers and nutritionists.

I really want to thank everyone for taking that few moments to send over such awesome words of encouragement. That’s exactly what I need to stay on task and keep moving forward. Not every day is easy, and while I say things all the time like “All day, every day”, “All go, no stop, never quit!” and of course, everyone’s favorite “Go big or go home.”, the truth is… some days are harder than others. It’s hard to find the motivation to get on that treadmill again, to maintain the self-control to NOT eat some of those horrible things I love and, at 35 years old, I know that this will probably be something I struggle with for a very long time, if not the rest of my life. It’s just such an awesome feeling when someone says “good job” or “wow, I can see the difference already”.

So first, my offer in return: Should anyone else out there feel like they need a little extra push, a workout buddy, someone to go running with, a reason to go for a hike, kayaking, biking, you name it…. just let me know. I know it helps me immensely and I’d love to find a way to return that favor and, if nothing else, pay it forward. Just let me know and we’ll make some plans!

Second, a little progress update: With all those awesome words of encouragement, I’ve stuck to my diet, still given myself a key reward day here and there and I’ve been up and on that “dreadmill” as much as I can. My workouts are hurting less, my pace is getting faster, I can see the pounds coming off. I can feel the increase in endurance and stamina also, which is amazing, what a great feeling! While my ultimate goal may still be nearly 100 pounds away, I’m making great progress toward my first goal of 60 pounds. As the first month of my diet comes to end in a few days, I’m already down just over 20 pounds!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.53.38 AM

Thanks again to all of you for your words of encouragement and praise. This surely isn’t the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and its LONG from over, but all of you make it that much easier!

One thought on “Encouragement Leads To Progress!

  1. I love reading these…so amazing! I may need a workout buddy soon because I can’t seem to get motivated lately:/

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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