Day #41 – Riding Around My Hometown

So I did obviously bring the bike up to NY with me, as you can see from the pictures in yesterdays post. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to workout with all the insanity going on this weekend, but I thought it would be a lot of fun to ride around my home town past some of the spots I used to ride as a kid. It was another quick ride since I had to run to a party this afternoon, but I did manage to do a little over 17 minutes and burn about 236 calories. I’m def going to have to keep up this habit of riding everyday. I love it!

Tomorrow is going to be an early/long day. Hopefully I’ll have time to get up in the morning and turn in another quick workout.


Day #40 – My First Bike Ride

So it was off to a bit of a rough start… first I had a flat, couldn’t pump it up, stopped at the bike shop and had them fix it, headed over to the trail only to find out the same time was flat again! Turns out I actually had a defective tube, the guy at the bike shop said it doesn’t happen often, but it sure did happen to me. Once all the drama was finally done, I got out on the trail and went for a quick ride before going to NY. Like I said, quick… 15 minutes and 206 calories, I’ll take it! That should put me on a pace for 800 calories and hour!

The app I’m using it called MapMyRide, it works with your GPS in the background to capture your speed, exact route, it will even do your climbs by getting your current elevation via GPS also. I had to make it a quick ride so I could pack up the bike and head to NY for the weekend.

Can’t wait to riding around my old stomping grounds! 🙂


Considering Begining My Bike Adventure

I’ve already starting talking to friends at work, so some whom are pretty serious bikers, about getting starting riding back and forth to work. Not only because my legs are starting to hurt a little bit from the running, but the 2 hours a day of workout time is becoming difficult to manage. I figure by being able to ride to work (from Chevy Chase, MD to Arlington, VA) that will give me a break from the high impact on my body of running, provide a little change of scenery and condense my time a bit. It already takes me about 25 – 30 minutes to drive to work anyway, if I ride… I think I might be able to do it about an hour according to the estimates.

It does being up a lot of questions though, so I’m getting start with my research:

1) Why type of bike should I be riding?

I’ve been told road bikes are a little more advanced, sometimes a little harder to ride, and hybrids just “aren’t really good at anything”. The advice I’ve gotten so far is to get a mountain bike, possible with a front fork, but put slick tires on it. A coworker has a bike setup that way that he’s going to let me borrow and see how it feels. (Hopefully right after this insane heat wave we’re having)

2) Where to ride?

Do trail maps exist out there for the DC area? I’m a little nervous about trying to ride along major roads right now, but if I have to do it a bit to get from trail to trail I’m sure I can handle it. Basically, I’m starting about 3 blocks from the Friendship Heights Metro station and ending a few blocks from the Ballston Metro station. Does anyone have a suggestion or maps of any routes?

3) Measuring my performance?

I know there are devices I can put on the bike to read speed and distance, etc. Any suggestion here? How about GPS enabled iPhone apps? Any iPhone apps that might have integrated maps or anything… like RunKeeper, but for biking?

4) Advice?

What am I missing? Should I have anything else to get started?

So, I think that covers most of it. Any help/advice any of you might have would be awesome… I haven’t been on a bike since I was about 17, so getting this going should be a pretty interesting adventure. I will surely be blogging more about my adventures, the things I learn along the way and of course, how it affects my weight-loss.