Day #40 – My First Bike Ride

So it was off to a bit of a rough start… first I had a flat, couldn’t pump it up, stopped at the bike shop and had them fix it, headed over to the trail only to find out the same time was flat again! Turns out I actually had a defective tube, the guy at the bike shop said it doesn’t happen often, but it sure did happen to me. Once all the drama was finally done, I got out on the trail and went for a quick ride before going to NY. Like I said, quick… 15 minutes and 206 calories, I’ll take it! That should put me on a pace for 800 calories and hour!

The app I’m using it called MapMyRide, it works with your GPS in the background to capture your speed, exact route, it will even do your climbs by getting your current elevation via GPS also. I had to make it a quick ride so I could pack up the bike and head to NY for the weekend.

Can’t wait to riding around my old stomping grounds! 🙂


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