Holy. Shit. 30. Pounds. YES!!!!

I didn’t even see this one coming, it just totally crept up on me. I was so concerned about my workouts and my calories intake, and while I have really been weighing-in every day, I just wasn’t paying that much attention to the number anymore.

That being said, I hit one AWESOME milestone today. As of this morning, I have lost 30 pounds in 40 days!!! That’s actually 5 days ahead of schedule for my 60 pounds in 90 days!

I’ve said for a while I might not be able to keep up this pace for the whole 90 days, and I’m sure the weight-loss will slow down at some point, but I sure won’t complain about getting there earlier than expected! Yet again, my faith in diet and exercise is renewed and this will surely give me the motivation and energy I need to push through the next few weeks. I feel AMAZING right now!

6 thoughts on “Holy. Shit. 30. Pounds. YES!!!!

    1. It’s a Homedics, I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Nice little Saturday I had planned there. Hahahaha

      I’ll get the exact model and send it to you when I get home. I actually love it, it works great.

  1. AMAZING!! Congrats! I may not even recognize you when I see you! Your hard work and diligence are paying off in spades!

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