The Beginning…

The Beginning…

The bad news:

So here I am again, deadlocked in a battle with my own mind and body to overcome my most difficult challenge in life, my weight. I know a lot of you may remember that I’ve been here before, approximately two years ago, and the only thing I can say is that my last attempts didn’t fail, but it was the long-term commitment that did. I friend of mine jokingly said it best a few days ago:

“My life needs more rules.”

Well, she’s not the only one. I lost 60 pounds in 94 days the last time around and I gained it all back and them some. Just over a month ago, even after eating right for a few days, I weighed in at 308 pounds. I’ve never been a skinny guy, not since I was a young child, but that was the most I’ve ever weighed, and it scares me. What should have happened two years ago was: when I noticed a few extra pounds, I should have got right back on the treadmill and burned them off. So this time around, I’m gonna need to commit to those longer-term rules.

A lot of people have asked me, why now? Why didn’t you start months, if not years ago? How did you let it get that bad? The only answer I could offer them was laziness and comfort. I’ve always been an extrovert, I’ve always had a dependence on the approval of others, and once I lost a bunch of weight 2 years ago, I found myself in a great relationship. Dating was fun, hanging out was awesome, going out to dinner, partying with friends, there was always something to do… I really got very comfortable very quickly and it made me lazy. Then, slowly but surely, the pounds started creeping up.

I found some of my blog posts, measurements and weigh-ins from the end of that last attempt, and I had made it all the way down to 208. So, over the course of two years, I gained 100 pounds.

What’s different?

1) I’m single again.
2) I know my weight gain is one of the reasons why.
3) I hate failure.
4) I’m only getting older.
5) I legitimately miss that energetic zest for life and feeling of accomplishment I got from having people notice the weight-loss and being able to tell people my story.

The good news:

I’m well on my way!! I’ve been eating right, and I’ve started working out again… and since August 20th, as of this morning I’ve lost 19.7 pounds and due to some medical BS (more on that later) and some stitches that resulted I was only able to start working out about a week ago. Currently, I can’t do much more than walk, but I’m building up and getting better every day!Here’s what it looks like so far:

9-16-2014 8-50-45 AM



Don’t get nervous, no… my goal weight is not 250 pounds, but I know I have to break it up into phases and find some goals that are achievable otherwise the task of losing 100 pounds will seem so daunting, I’m afraid I’ll talk myself out of it.

So… wish me good luck… and off I go, into yet another bit of a battle with….. myself.


Day #75 – WOW, It’s Been 10 Days!!

So… apparently, I’m in need of a major catchup. I finally got an email from some friends and a few text about people wondering if I’ve been slacking. The answer is pretty simple:


How much of a punk would I look like if I walk around saying “No pain, no gain”, “All go, no stop, never quit” and “Failure is not and option!” And then… I just gave up?! Sorry guys, ain’t gonna happen!

The truth is… life has heated up a bit, I’ve been insanely busy and there hasn’t been time for everything. The good new is: The *ONLY* part of Operation Get Skinny I let slack was the blog. If you take a look at my stats page again, you’ll see my calories logged everyday, workouts almost every day… I had to take a few off because I pushed myself too hard and I’m definitely still dropping weight and sizes!!

Currently, I’ve lost over 45 pounds, 7.8″ off my waist and I’ve been getting in better and better shape everyday. Once I get my muscles a chance to rest, I even beat my sub-10 minute mile goal but a LONG way. Just 2 days ago, I actually managed to run 1 mile in 8 minutes, 15 seconds.

I’ve also amassed a huge number of points on Fitocracy and set multiple additional personal records for my running in total distance and time.

Even those jeans I bought 3 or so weeks ago don’t fit anymore. Granted my daily average weight-loss has gone down a bit, and according to my match, I’m projecting hitting 90 days at around 56 pounds lost, just shy of my 60 pound goal… but I’m not stopping yet!! Even I don’t make it… I’ll work my ass into the ground everyday past 90 until I do!!

It’s About Time!

Well…. as of now, I’ve officially recovered from my major cheat weekend in NY. After a pretty serious and intense workout yesterday, and the last few days actually…. it’s taken almost a week, but I finally am back on track and hit a new all time low weigh-in this morning. Yet again, I have that amazing feeling of accomplishment… now I just need to make it continue…. today’s weight, 240.0 pounds!! That means, in 49 days, I’ve lost 32 pounds!!


At an average of .65 pounds lost a day, I’m a little behind schedule for my 60 pounds in 90 days… I’ll just have to step it up a bit!

Day #48 – Oh Lord, I Think I’m Becoming A Runner

I wouldn’t say I’m becoming a runner because I’m good at… in fact, I’m NOT good at it!! I just for some reason have really started to like it. It’s such a great way to burn off stress, and of course burn off some fat… but I’m starting to get to that point where I actually DO feel better after a run. It was such a weird thought at first when I heard people talking about it… but sure enough, I’m finally starting to get it!

This evening was such a big one for me. As stated way back in the day (about 47 days ago) when I listed my goals… one of them was to run 3 consecutive 10 minute miles, or 3 miles in 30 minutes. Well, today after work I came home, did a 5 minute little warm up on the treadmill… and then, for the first time since I’ve started this crazy thing…. managed to smash out one mile in 9 minute, 45 seconds!!!! The twisted part is… I loved every damn minute of it!




So all said and done today, I actually did a ton of running!! 20 situps and 10 pushups too, but with a 5 minute warm-up, 10 minute mile and 2 normal treadmill sessions, and 15 minutes before work this morning… I actually did a total of an hour today. That’s exactly what I should be doing!!


No to go out and do a little relaxing!! I’m about go see a bunch of people tonight who haven’t seen me in about 20 pounds or so! Let’s see what happens!!

Holy. Shit. 30. Pounds. YES!!!!

I didn’t even see this one coming, it just totally crept up on me. I was so concerned about my workouts and my calories intake, and while I have really been weighing-in every day, I just wasn’t paying that much attention to the number anymore.

That being said, I hit one AWESOME milestone today. As of this morning, I have lost 30 pounds in 40 days!!! That’s actually 5 days ahead of schedule for my 60 pounds in 90 days!

I’ve said for a while I might not be able to keep up this pace for the whole 90 days, and I’m sure the weight-loss will slow down at some point, but I sure won’t complain about getting there earlier than expected! Yet again, my faith in diet and exercise is renewed and this will surely give me the motivation and energy I need to push through the next few weeks. I feel AMAZING right now!

Day #32 – The First Weight Plateau Breaks, Backwards

So, I was trilled to finally see a DIFFERENT number on the scale when I weighed-in this morning. However, to my dismay, it appears like I’ve actually gained a pound. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper right now.

I decided, following the advice from a few people that maybe I just need to change things up a bit… give the cardio a small break and concentrate on something that might make better use of my time. So, not only did I knock out the next day of the Hundred Pushups program, I figured I would expand a bit and start the Two Hundred Situps program. Same guys, similar app on my phone and we’ll start seeing how that goes!

So that’s the bad news for today… I def wasn’t a happy camper, but with a little working out I did start to feel a bit better. Enough that I figured, if I needed to give the cardio a break… I’d like to do a little experimenting.

For those of you that have been reading along for a while, you’ll remember that I’ve been doing all of my treadmill time with an incline between 4% and 6%. This morning I decided I really wanted to see what my 1 mile time was and how close I was coming to my goal of a 10 minute mile.

Well, I’m closer than I thought to getting the first one done. 1 mile in 10:42 at 0% incline. Now THAT is a number I can def be happy about!!

So, here’s my workout wrap up for the day, since I have plans later this evening again…. this will be my only workout for the day:

P.S. I even completed another quest on Fitocracy:


Oh Sweet Sweet 20, How I Want You So Bad

I’m RIGHT there… I’m so damn close I can almost taste it! I’ve you look at my stats page at all, you’ll see that I’m 19.6 pounds down according to this morning, so close to knocking off 20 pounds and getting that much closer to my first goal of 60!

According to the scale, that I’m starting to like a little but more these days, I weighed-in at 252.4 pounds this morning.

I’d say I have my fingers crossed to knock off that last .4 pounds and hit 20 lost by tomorrow, but I know luck has nothing to do with it. Work, perseverance and desire is what will get me there! So, since my office is closing early today, at 3pm, I’ll head home and crunch out another workout. Then maybe relax on the couch a bit, it kinda misses me, and hopefully maybe even get in a third workout before the day is over!

Day #22 – Changing It Up A Little

As I said a few weeks ago, I was going to do two-a-day cardio for the rest of the month or at least as long as I could. Well, with a little bit of pain in the last week or so, I think I finally found the limit of what my body can keep it without a break. So between the pain from a few days ago, and yesterday’s unexpected break from working out I decided it was time to experiment with my workouts a little.

So today I started out by doing a little research on some other exercises I can do at home without really any gym equipment. It’s not like I got all that creative, I went right for some of the classics but with a new twist, push-ups. I started by trying to figure out how many calories a push-up would burn. The answer is about .825 calories per push-up, but that was the important part of what I had learned.

I found a program called One Hundred Pushups. The goal of the program is to be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups by following a 6 week program. It seemed like a pretty good goal to me so I kept reading. Not only do they have laid out for you exactly many push-ups you need to do in the right number of sets for the right amount of time, but they even have an iPhone app! Here’s a few quick screen shots as I get starts on Week 1, Day 1:







After my One Hundred Pushups workout, I did some plain old cardio on the treadmill again: 30 minutes, 1.91 miles and burned 245 calories.

And….. just for fun after that, I did 100 jumping jacks in 4 sets: 20, 20, 30 and 30.

Then, finally, I wrapped up with another 15 minutes of cardio knocking out 1 mile and another 132 calories!

Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to mix things up a bit like this!

Day #18 – Make Your Goals Attainable

Something I’ve been learning throughout the last 18 days of my new life is to make my weight-loss and exercise goals attainable. There is no way I would have lasted this long already if I told myself I needed to run a 10 minute mile by the end of the first week.

I “keep it real” by taking small steps, setting new goals each time I reach one and make sure they all server the purpose here, to get skinny, healthy and better looking. Recently I’ve been running intervals where I walk for between 3 and 4 minutes, followed by running for a minute or two. It has been an immense help for my stamina and is increasing my endurance and average speed every day.

This morning start with another quick 30 minute workout, but I was able to hold down 15 minute miles for 2 consecutive miles. Def not bad at all: 30 minutes, 2 miles on the nose and 261 calories.

As it turns out, my friends were right. Pushing yourself too hard can leave you in a little bit of pain. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do an evening workout, it just means I had to seriously pace myself: 45 minutes, 2.29 miles and burned 276 calories.

I’m going to have to really watch myself for the next few days, let me legs re-cooperate and then I should be able to attack these workouts again!

Pushing For A 15 Minute Mile

So, I know I just set this goal for myself in a previous blog post, but it looks like I’m getting there even faster that I thought! My original goal is and way to get 4 miles done in one hour and its going to stay that way. I did however manage to wake up this morning and push myself extra hard to get 2 done now. Granted after 30 minutes and 2 miles, I was WIPED. My legs are sore and my ankles hurt a little, maybe from doing this at a 4% incline, but that’s just going to make it easier to do on the road.

I do have plans for after work today, so I’m not sure how much of a workout I’ll get in when I get home, but I surely will push myself as hard as I can when I can!