Day #76 – BIG DAY!!!

Well…. just like the title says, today…. was a VERY big day!!! Not only did I reach a new all time low weight of 226.1 pounds, but… if you remember way back in the day when I set some goals, one of them was to run 3 consecutive sub-10 minute miles or at least 3 miles in less than 30 minutes.

Well my friends…. BOOM!!!!! I DID IT!!!!! 3.14 miles in 30 minutes. That means my 3 mile time was 28 minutes, 45 seconds at a pace of 7.1 miles per hour. Now THAT. FEELS. AMAZING. 🙂 🙂

Now its time to relax… let my legs rest… and maybe even celebrate a bit!! 🙂 🙂

And of course…. a shot of the new scale to prove it really happened! 😉

Day #75 – WOW, It’s Been 10 Days!!

So… apparently, I’m in need of a major catchup. I finally got an email from some friends and a few text about people wondering if I’ve been slacking. The answer is pretty simple:


How much of a punk would I look like if I walk around saying “No pain, no gain”, “All go, no stop, never quit” and “Failure is not and option!” And then… I just gave up?! Sorry guys, ain’t gonna happen!

The truth is… life has heated up a bit, I’ve been insanely busy and there hasn’t been time for everything. The good new is: The *ONLY* part of Operation Get Skinny I let slack was the blog. If you take a look at my stats page again, you’ll see my calories logged everyday, workouts almost every day… I had to take a few off because I pushed myself too hard and I’m definitely still dropping weight and sizes!!

Currently, I’ve lost over 45 pounds, 7.8″ off my waist and I’ve been getting in better and better shape everyday. Once I get my muscles a chance to rest, I even beat my sub-10 minute mile goal but a LONG way. Just 2 days ago, I actually managed to run 1 mile in 8 minutes, 15 seconds.

I’ve also amassed a huge number of points on Fitocracy and set multiple additional personal records for my running in total distance and time.

Even those jeans I bought 3 or so weeks ago don’t fit anymore. Granted my daily average weight-loss has gone down a bit, and according to my match, I’m projecting hitting 90 days at around 56 pounds lost, just shy of my 60 pound goal… but I’m not stopping yet!! Even I don’t make it… I’ll work my ass into the ground everyday past 90 until I do!!

Day #65 – Closing The Gap

Technically, based on my average weight-loss daily… I’m 1 pound behind schedule. My current projections put in at 59 pounds lost at the 90 day mark, so I’m doing the best I can to stay on top of everything, gain some ground and get back on track.

The good news is, I surely am closing the gap. With this mornings weigh-in at 230 pounds I improved my average weight loss a bit and am that much closer to my 90 day goal of 60 pounds lost. I just need to pay as much attention to my diet as possible, workout whenever and however much I can and stick to the plan. 2500 calorie deficit per day, 5 pounds lost per week and I’ll get there.

Today’s workout wasn’t so bad… I’m actually getting used to it. 1 hour 20 minutes total and burned 712 calories, now THAT is how you combat a case of the Mondays!


Still awake and working on some after-hours night stuff at work… hopefully it’ll just keep burning a little more weight! 🙂

Day #64 – I Hate Weight Gains

Everyone just keeps telling me that my body will fluctuate normally and my weight will change both up and down accordingly. Just because they’re telling me, and just because I believe them, doesn’t mean I have to like it! 😛

I woke up to another slightly surprising weight gain again, another .5 pounds, but I did respond with 90 minutes of walking since my legs were so damn tired after all the running and standing up this weekend. 506 calories burned, and my 2500 calorie daily deficit maintained, let’s see how it goes tomorrow!

Day #63 – Even The New Scale Shows Gains

Well, it’s good to know I’m night lying to myself with the new scale at least. After a solid night of partying, a huge turkey burger and feeeeeew too many beers partying at the O.A.R. show and with the band after…. it could have been worse! Less than a half of a pound gained, I got bumped up to 231.75… and I do LOVE how much easier it is to get an accurate weight on this scale!
After along night and sleeping really late, I did take it a little easier today on the workouts, but still managed to get in 45 minutes of cardio. I think I need a vacation… I need some relaxation time!

Also, since this was my weekly weigh-in… I do have to look at the total weight lost for the week which wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be, but at 3.85 pounds, I’m still happy!!

Day #62 – Weight-loss On A New Scale

So, not only did I finally break the 40 pound mark, but today… my new scale arrived too!!

As a lot of you know already, I’ve been seriously hating on my digital scale. It rounds up, it rounds down, it remembers your weight and “re-centers” itself to get you a more consistent reading…. all kinds of misleading crap. So, I’ve decided to go back to the basics and just get a regular analog physician’s balance beam scale!!

The awesome part, the reading as just about the same, only around .5 pounds lower than the digital, which makes sense since I had just finished a big workout.


From here on out, we’ll start using this one and see what happens. As for the workout I mentioned a minute ago… not so bad at all. Check it out:


Nothing too crazy, and no afternoon workout today since I headed out to see O.A.R. tonight!! Can’t wait!!!!

Day #61 – And I Feel Like New Again

Thankfully…. all that pain I had felt in the last few days is basically gone. The pain that was slowing me down seems to have given way to soreness and nothing more. That good news on top of another all time low weight from this morning has got me feeling like I’m right back in the game!

Today’s workout wasn’t too bad, I managed to knock out about 20 minutes of running this morning follow by 30 minutes on the rower and 30 minutes on the treadmill again this afternoon!


649 calories burned today isn’t so bad either. Yet again, I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope this weight-loss continues for another .4 pounds tomorrow and I hit 40 lost! Let’s see what happens…….

Day #60 – 2/3rd’s Of The Way There, Almost

So here it is… I’m 60 days of the way into my 90 day plan to lose 60 pounds and I’m SO close to being on schedule its amazing. As of this morning, I would have liked to be at the 40 pounds lost mark or a weight of 232 pounds, and… yes… I was ONE damn pound off. EXACTLY 1 pound off!

The crazy part is, based on my math with average pounds lost per day, forecasting out to the 90th day… I’m RIGHT there. The current projection is for 59.1 pounds in 90 days… so I’ll #justkeepmoving and hopefully get myself back on track.

For today, I wanted to get everything done all in one shot since I had a rough morning of calls, meetings and issues so all I did was hop on my treadmill and knock out an hour in one shot. The cool part is that I was able to do 4.6 miles… which is actually 7.4k. That’s not a huge mark for me, but it does mean I would 100% be able to finish a 5k without a problem and I’m well on my way to finishing a 10k too.

Looks like I’ll need to train a little harder and get myself registered for those 5k and 10k’s ASAP! 🙂

Day #59 – Keep Walking Keep Walking Keep Walking

Remember… that time…. when I said I would just take it slow, walk it out and try to make sure I don’t push myself because I was already in pain? FAIL!

Today I was in serious pain… a lot. NO MORE RUNNING FOR A BIT. I’ve got to slow it down and take it easy… so for today’s workout, I really did do nothing but walk. 90 minutes and 633 calories over it… but this time at least I didn’t feel even the slightest pain when I was done.

The only annoying part here is the weight-loss progress. I was so close to hitting that 40 pound mark and woke to a weight GAIN the next day…. and now I just haven’t been able to get back there. I do know, the most important thing here is to keep moving, stick to my diet and it will come back… so I’m just going to keep working out, keep eating right, and make sure I maintain my 2500 calorie a day deficit.

Day #58 – Doing My Best To Keep Losing

After being in a bit of pain yesterday and having to take another rest day… I decided I really needed to just get back up and workout, but I was take it down a notch. So instead of pushing myself to get sub-ten minute miles again, I slowed it down a lot and just basically decided to walk it out, and hit the rowing machine a little more since they’re both much lower impact.

40 minutes of walking, 40 minutes of rowing and only about 12 minutes of running just so I could say I did it! 😉 I was able to burn over 700 calories still, and for just losing weight… that’s what counts.

Yes, I did some situps too… I’ve been concentrating so much on weight-loss, it was good to take a bit of a break in there. I am really feeling the burn during my situps and pushups though, I think its time to really start lifting and building some more muscle!