Day #65 – Closing The Gap

Technically, based on my average weight-loss daily… I’m 1 pound behind schedule. My current projections put in at 59 pounds lost at the 90 day mark, so I’m doing the best I can to stay on top of everything, gain some ground and get back on track.

The good news is, I surely am closing the gap. With this mornings weigh-in at 230 pounds I improved my average weight loss a bit and am that much closer to my 90 day goal of 60 pounds lost. I just need to pay as much attention to my diet as possible, workout whenever and however much I can and stick to the plan. 2500 calorie deficit per day, 5 pounds lost per week and I’ll get there.

Today’s workout wasn’t so bad… I’m actually getting used to it. 1 hour 20 minutes total and burned 712 calories, now THAT is how you combat a case of the Mondays!


Still awake and working on some after-hours night stuff at work… hopefully it’ll just keep burning a little more weight! 🙂

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