Day #63 – Even The New Scale Shows Gains

Well, it’s good to know I’m night lying to myself with the new scale at least. After a solid night of partying, a huge turkey burger and feeeeeew too many beers partying at the O.A.R. show and with the band after…. it could have been worse! Less than a half of a pound gained, I got bumped up to 231.75… and I do LOVE how much easier it is to get an accurate weight on this scale!
After along night and sleeping really late, I did take it a little easier today on the workouts, but still managed to get in 45 minutes of cardio. I think I need a vacation… I need some relaxation time!

Also, since this was my weekly weigh-in… I do have to look at the total weight lost for the week which wasn’t exactly where I wanted it to be, but at 3.85 pounds, I’m still happy!!

Day #56 – Back In The Saddle Again

After a pretty crazy workout the other day, and a nice…. well deserved… day of rest, I jumped right back into it today! Granted this morning weekly weigh-in was not really what I wanted it to be… fair is fair, I do have to post it.


It’s still not bad at all… that puts me at 4 pounds lost this week for a total of 38 since the first day I started this crazy thing. I’ll do my best to keep up the intensity, keep running, rowing, push-up’ing, sit-up’ing, and every other _____’ing thing I possibly can. Like one of my favorite twitter hashtags says: #justkeepmoving.

Today’s workout was a 2 hour awesome mix of carido, some basic body-weight exercises and of course, just a little hash of pain before the whole thing over.


And now… honestly, I’m gonna get a snack and sit the hell down for a little while! hahaha

Day #50 – I’ve Purchased A New Weapon

So you’ll see a new stat in my workout description… yes, I went out and bought a rowing machine today and proceeded to give it a solid 30 minute run (in 10 minute sessions) this evening, but I’ll post more on that later.

The other AWESOME news for today is that woke up to another all time low weight, this time: 238 pounds… I’m getting better at pushing my workouts and burning as many calories as possible, and it surely is paying off!

I also found out that according to Fitocracy, rowing is a MONSTER workout… I’ve been scoring more and more points as my workouts continue, but this time it was pretty ridiculous: 818 points for both of my workouts today combined. This along with another sub-10 minute mile… not my fastest at 9:51, but it’s still down there which is awesome!!

I’ll def be tracking and working on my rowing times. 10 minute sessions def do that the wind out of you a bit, but apparently its an amazing full body workout, I can’t wait to keep it going!

Day #35 – Sunday FunWorkoutDay

I do miss sitting around and drinking beer on Sunday Funday a bit, but its a worth sacrifice for the amazing progress I’ve been making lately. As of this morning, as you might already expect, I’ve hit another all time low weigh-in. 254.6 pounds which puts my at a whopping 26.6 pounds lost so far! It really does feel *SO* good!

I, of course, followed this great news up with a solid workout. Today I did Week 1 Day 2 of the Two Hundred Situps program with a total of 34, then knocked out Week 3 Day 2 of the Hundred Pushups program for a total of 50 pushups. Granted, getting through the 50 def hurt a little, but I can remember a few weeks ago when I could barely get through 10, let alone be able to push through 50! In between those 2 exercises I did a little cardio on the treadmill again. In an effort to farther strengthen my legs and work on getting closer to my 10 minute miles, I upped the incline to 6% and did 2 sets. The first was 20 minutes, 1.20 miles 171 calories, then after my pushups I did a second run for about 16 minutes, exactly 1 mile and 144 calories!

That Seven Day Average

I keep stressing the important of watching my AVERAGE weight as opposed to my daily weight, and how fitting that this weeks end-of-week weigh-in turns out the way it did. I do weigh myself every day still, but I’ve been using my 7 day moving average weight as my true measure of progress. For instance, twice now, my weight has actually gone up a bit, even after a hard day of solid workouts. I know I didn’t eat too much yesterday, I know I worked out harder yesterday than I did the last few days, but when I woke up this morning my weight had actually gone up a pound!

A lot of people, including myself would take that as discouraging, or that they had done something wrong. The truth is, everyone who’s said it has been right, your weight will fluctuate a little bit. So if you look at the raw data on my stats page, you’ll see that the blue line representing my daily weigh-ins does bounce up a few times and even when it doesn’t, the rate of weight loss is pretty varied. However, that red line of average weight has been on a steady decline since the first day. The rate varies a little, but even with the two upticks in daily weight, the average hasn’t gone up even once. THAT, simple mathematical fact is what helps me stay motivated.

All that being said, while today’s weekly weigh in is actually a pound higher than yesterdays, it’s actually 6.2 pounds less than last week, my average weight is actually 4.6 pounds lower than last week, and lastly…. since my AVERAGE weight is my personal true measure of success here, at an average weight of 251.1 pounds, that first 20 pounds is now officially 100% gone!! 🙂 🙂

Maybe later with all the pictures from the last few nights I’ll put up pictures from over a month ago compared to now and we’ll see if there’s a difference. Now for a relaxing weekend of working out and seeing friends! 🙂

Day #21 – An Involuntary Day of Rest

So, today was another slightly rough day in the life of my weight-loss. Not only did I wake up this morning to a little more weight gain, but issues with work from the insane storm we had last night kept me working until all hours of the morning and again today. So much so, that I basically slept all day and didn’t get a chance to even do a single minute of working out.

This morning’s weight wasn’t terrible, 255.6 pounds and, it was 100% my fault. A late night cheese omelet and bagel cause that one, but again… I was out with a friend, had a ROUGH night with work and decided I wanted to enjoy my night a bit, relax, and eat some familiar food.

Granted, I’m not very happy with the choice now that I wake up and see the damage. I guess there’s only a few times you can eat a little too much one night and mysteriously wake up the next morning to weight-loss. Tomorrow I surely will buckle down, I will try to get in my 2 hours of workouts and I obviously will be making sure I don’t have a single cheat day this coming week since technically I had two this one.

As for the storm, since I don’t have any pictures of the treadmill from today, here’s what some of the roadblocks I encountered on the way to and from work looked like:

Day #14 – 2 Weeks End With A Bang

Well, I find myself just 2 full weeks into this journey and I’m already down also 15 pounds. This morning marked 14.6 pounds lost with a new low weight of 257.4!

I do have a ton going on today, so I know I’ll only be able to get in one workout. I figured since it’s the only one today, I might as well make it a big one. Turns out, it was another one of the biggest ones yet. 1 hour, 3.5 miles and 430 calories!

Now to finish up making my bourbon balls and head to this party! 🙂

Day #7 – Father’s Day Weekend Begins

Well, def some great news first. Not only was I actually able to show some self-control was I would out last night, only 3 vodka soda’s and the rest was water all night, but I woke up this morning after sleeping in a bit, feel like a million bucks and turned into my new lowest weigh-in! 264.6lbs

Next came my morning workout, another hour, another 342 calories and 3.06 miles.

Now for the fun/dangerous part. With family in town for Father’s Day weekend, not near my house, not near my office… possibly going out to dinner later, I’ve got to make sure I keep up the self-control. I ate a good breakfast, just a quick meal bar for lunch, and I’m going to back 2 with me in my camera bag just in case we don’t make it back here. Also, I figure if I actually eat BEFORE we go out later, then just get a small salad and drink water, I should be ok. Fingers crossed, and out I go!

Wish me luck!

[UPDATE} Yes. I got in another workout before we went out… but it was just a quick one 2.03 miles to burn 230 calories and did it in 42:11.


Day #1 – Know where you are…

I had been thinking about this for a while, losing weight that is. It’s a long overdue goal for me, and with an incredibly open, honest and motivating conversation late last night, I decided it was time to really get this moving. I’ve been here before though, trying, making a little effort, and always ending the same way: still fat.

I thought about it last night during our conversation and I realized, I not only hadn’t set goals, but I wasn’t sure exactly how much I weighed, or what my real measurements were. So for lack of a tailors tape measure, I’ll have to get that part another day, but for my current weight: 272lbs.


So there you have it… that’s exactly how much of me there is to love. 😉  Not that I’ve ever sought after being less of a person, but I think it’s about time. So I bought a new scale (you’ll be seeing a lot of it), got my treadmill out, tuned it up, plugged it in and I’m already moving forward. I figured what better way to start Day #1 of #OperationGetSkinny then to get in a workout.

So… where am I? Right here: 3 miles in 59:25 and 318 calories burned. (I’ve got a looooong way to go!)

3.00 miles, my new daily workout.
3.00 miles, my new daily workout.
Did it in 59:25 minutes too! Gotta get that WAAAAY down!
Did it in 59:25 minutes too! Gotta get that WAAAAY down!

Now for the important part! Goals:

1) Lose 60 pounds.
2) Run 3 consecutive sub-10 minute miles.
3) Drop inches! (numbers coming soon)

I knew I needed to know where I was starting out to judge where I’d need to go and how hard I’d need to work. Based on the math, I’m looking to cut my 1 mile running time down by 50% and lose  over 20% of my body weight. I think these goals are attainable and I will be working every day to change how I live, eat, and exercise to reach them. Of course you’ll all be able to chart my progress here for work not to see! :-p

As you can imagine, even you skinny people, this isn’t going to be easy. I’ve already gotten amazing words of encouragement from my friends and family and with everyone’s support, I know I can beat this.

See you all on the small side! 🙂