Day #21 – An Involuntary Day of Rest

So, today was another slightly rough day in the life of my weight-loss. Not only did I wake up this morning to a little more weight gain, but issues with work from the insane storm we had last night kept me working until all hours of the morning and again today. So much so, that I basically slept all day and didn’t get a chance to even do a single minute of working out.

This morning’s weight wasn’t terrible, 255.6 pounds and, it was 100% my fault. A late night cheese omelet and bagel cause that one, but again… I was out with a friend, had a ROUGH night with work and decided I wanted to enjoy my night a bit, relax, and eat some familiar food.

Granted, I’m not very happy with the choice now that I wake up and see the damage. I guess there’s only a few times you can eat a little too much one night and mysteriously wake up the next morning to weight-loss. Tomorrow I surely will buckle down, I will try to get in my 2 hours of workouts and I obviously will be making sure I don’t have a single cheat day this coming week since technically I had two this one.

As for the storm, since I don’t have any pictures of the treadmill from today, here’s what some of the roadblocks I encountered on the way to and from work looked like:

3 thoughts on “Day #21 – An Involuntary Day of Rest

  1. Looks like you had the same storm I had last week when the whole basement flooded. The day of rest is good for the body and soul.
    ZZZZ… Tomorrow’s another day. Nitey night.

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