Day #20 – The First Time I Hate My Scale

So this morning was the first morning my scale every told me I went up in weight. It wasn’t very big (from 253.8 to 254.6) and I’m not letting it get my down. In fact, while I turned in a very light workout this morning, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I get in another hour this evening before heading out for the night.

For this morning’s workout, with the pain in my legs, I turned in another very light hour. At 0% incline also to give me legs a break (truth is, I did this hour while on a conference call and forgot to set it!). This was 1 hour, 2.94 miles and 232 calories.

So, sitting at work stewing over the face that I forgot to set the incline and burned so few calories, I decided I needed to just suck it up and get home for another workout. So after work and before running out the door for some fun, I just on the treadmill for a few minutes. Another short workout, only 35 minutes, 2.15 miles but burned 270 calories!

The AWESOME news here is…. THAT I CAN RUN AGAIN!!! Granted I wasn’t able to push myself to the 15 minute mile pace I was at just a few days ago, but the pain in the legs has subsided enough that I was able to throw in some running intervals which surely helped up the calorie burn.

I’ll have to see what condition my legs are in tomorrow. Now… into the shower and out for some fun!! 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day #20 – The First Time I Hate My Scale

  1. The first time the scale goes up it’s very disappointing. Remember how I had to weigh in at L a weight-loss three times a week? I hated it. But the first time I had a .4 pound weight gain it was a kick in the butt! And I knew that i was going to have to weigh in again two days later. Since I knew I had lost consistently for many weeks previously I knew that either it was a temporary aweight gain like water weight or I was doing something wrong and I would redouble my efforts and invariably I lost the next time I weighed in. Keep motivated and keep moving. Love you.

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