Day #7 – Father’s Day Weekend Begins

Well, def some great news first. Not only was I actually able to show some self-control was I would out last night, only 3 vodka soda’s and the rest was water all night, but I woke up this morning after sleeping in a bit, feel like a million bucks and turned into my new lowest weigh-in! 264.6lbs

Next came my morning workout, another hour, another 342 calories and 3.06 miles.

Now for the fun/dangerous part. With family in town for Father’s Day weekend, not near my house, not near my office… possibly going out to dinner later, I’ve got to make sure I keep up the self-control. I ate a good breakfast, just a quick meal bar for lunch, and I’m going to back 2 with me in my camera bag just in case we don’t make it back here. Also, I figure if I actually eat BEFORE we go out later, then just get a small salad and drink water, I should be ok. Fingers crossed, and out I go!

Wish me luck!

[UPDATE} Yes. I got in another workout before we went out… but it was just a quick one 2.03 miles to burn 230 calories and did it in 42:11.


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