Day #8 – Amazing News

So, as if all of your comments, tweets, texts and emails haven’t been enough motivation to make this happen, I got some amazing news when I woke up this morning. After a solid long night of hanging with friends, having dinner with Dad and just having a great time, this morning came, and along with it, the time to weigh myself again.

Much to my surprise, I got the best results I could expect from my scale… 262 pounds, exactly 1 week after my first weigh-in to figure out where I was… I have lost exactly 10 pounds!

In fact, just thinking about it again right now is giving me the motivation I need to crank out a second workout today. So that would mean today, I turned in a morning workout of 1 hour in which I did 2.8 miles and burned 232 calories.

Then a second workout later this evening of 2.75 miles and 308 calories burned in another hour!

And with that, Father’s Day weekend comes to a close and what an amazing week/weekend it was. Things really are lookin up from here! 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day #8 – Amazing News

  1. WAY TO GO STEVE!! The first couple weeks are always the toughest but looks like you’re doing just fine!

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