Day #9 – Monday Blues, Workin Out Continues

Monday morning rolls around and the work week begins. I was def a little slow-moving, but there was no way I was going to skip my workout. It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes. This morning as I got going, I kept thinking “no, 40 or 45 minutes is ok today” and “I’ve been working out a lot, everyone needs a break right”…. but shortly that feeling got replaced once I really started moving and all that was left was “Hey, I can do this… it’s so much easier once it gets started.”

By the time I got moving, it wasn’t bad at all and of course, I was able to knock out another hour this morning: 2.78 miles and burned 309 calories.

My final workout for the evening, another hour, 3.1 miles and burned 331 calories. Not bad at all!

No its off to see a friend at a guest bartending gig… and yes, I will only be drinking vodka sodas, and maybe 3 of them at the most. I’m not going over my calorie goal for the day! No way, no how!!

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