Day #6 – Push through it!

So yesterday is when I finally started feeling some soreness in my calves and really the beginning of a little pain in the balls of my feet. I am STILL not letting it stop me. This is also the third day in a row the scale has shown the exact same way. The good part about keeping track of my AVERAGE weight over the course of a week is that, even though my daily weight hasn’t gone down, my average weight still is. So I’m definitely taking this is a positive sign.

I’m also not letting the pain slow me down at all. It’s not unbearable and I think it’s just my body getting used to a level of exercise I’ve not only not been doing lately, but basically never done. This morning was another hour workout for 2.79 miles and 224 calories. The awesome part is that every day the workouts seem to be getting a little easier. Each time I’m on the treadmill I’m getting into thinking “I’m okay if I only do 2 miles, maybe just 45 minutes this morning” but by the time I’m into it… knocking out the full hour isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be!

More to come this afternoon evening…. hopefully my legs and feet are a little better so I can knock out a second workout when I get home.

[UPDATE] YUP!!! Got in my second hour-long workout and it was the fastest ever: 3.09 miles in 1 hour and 342 calories burned. Now I get to shower, get dressed and head out with some friends!! HELL YES!!

This really does feel great!! 🙂 🙂

One thought on “Day #6 – Push through it!

  1. you are blowing my mind!!! you are awesome….obviously daddy’s gene pool is stomping over mine but i must say after grampa joe’s first heart attack, the doctor said “lose weight, eat healthy and lose the type A personality”… he lived another 25 years(and never put the weight back on,either). keep it up. a lot of people love u very much and we’re cheering u on. remember: the longest journey begins with…..

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