Day #35 – Sunday FunWorkoutDay

I do miss sitting around and drinking beer on Sunday Funday a bit, but its a worth sacrifice for the amazing progress I’ve been making lately. As of this morning, as you might already expect, I’ve hit another all time low weigh-in. 254.6 pounds which puts my at a whopping 26.6 pounds lost so far! It really does feel *SO* good!

I, of course, followed this great news up with a solid workout. Today I did Week 1 Day 2 of the Two Hundred Situps program with a total of 34, then knocked out Week 3 Day 2 of the Hundred Pushups program for a total of 50 pushups. Granted, getting through the 50 def hurt a little, but I can remember a few weeks ago when I could barely get through 10, let alone be able to push through 50! In between those 2 exercises I did a little cardio on the treadmill again. In an effort to farther strengthen my legs and work on getting closer to my 10 minute miles, I upped the incline to 6% and did 2 sets. The first was 20 minutes, 1.20 miles 171 calories, then after my pushups I did a second run for about 16 minutes, exactly 1 mile and 144 calories!

2 thoughts on “Day #35 – Sunday FunWorkoutDay

  1. Your determination and follow-through are so impressive. My dad is doing the 100 pushups program and it really works! Those are really good. Your progress has been remarkable!

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