Keeping The Momentum

Things have been going so well with all of my working out and weight-loss these last few weeks, I’d hate for anything to slow me down. I was a little worried about traveling for the next week honestly. How would I work out? Would I have time? Is there a place to work out? Then I remember two really important things:

1) There’s pretty much a gym everywhere. If not in the hotel, there would be one near by I could get myself into for a day.
2) The whole reason I was going the types of exercises I am, is so I don’t NEED to a gym to keep it up.

All that being said, I really should have just looked at what was available before I got so worried about it! I took a quick look in the hotel directory at the Crowne Plaza in Foster City, CA where I’m staying and sure enough… they have a fitness center. I decided to take a quick walk over there this morning and check it out before heading into the office and it does look pretty damn sweet!

So, at least I can stop my worrying now and I will make 100% sure that I have time to get back here after work. There are spots to do my normal running on the treadmill, I can def hit the elliptical and I can obviously do my sit-ups and pushups anywhere! 🙂 Problem. Solved.

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