Keeping The Momentum

Things have been going so well with all of my working out and weight-loss these last few weeks, I’d hate for anything to slow me down. I was a little worried about traveling for the next week honestly. How would I work out? Would I have time? Is there a place to work out? Then I remember two really important things:

1) There’s pretty much a gym everywhere. If not in the hotel, there would be one near by I could get myself into for a day.
2) The whole reason I was going the types of exercises I am, is so I don’t NEED to a gym to keep it up.

All that being said, I really should have just looked at what was available before I got so worried about it! I took a quick look in the hotel directory at the Crowne Plaza in Foster City, CA where I’m staying and sure enough… they have a fitness center. I decided to take a quick walk over there this morning and check it out before heading into the office and it does look pretty damn sweet!

So, at least I can stop my worrying now and I will make 100% sure that I have time to get back here after work. There are spots to do my normal running on the treadmill, I can def hit the elliptical and I can obviously do my sit-ups and pushups anywhere! šŸ™‚ Problem. Solved.

Day #2 – Are two-a-days a good idea?

Still rocking my way into an awesome start. The amazing support andĀ encouragementĀ has been rolling in non-stop from friends and family. People are coming out of the woodwork to offer their support, their advice and even some amazing personal stories. Thank you all so much!

I’m pretty amped up about getting this done this time, so much so that I decided I was going to knock out two workouts today. It’s hard to find the time (and sometimes the energy) for in first thing in the morning, so I did a much more mellow, quicker workout. Still on the treadmill, but I only turned in 1.6 miles and 170 calories in 35:19 this morning. Then I was showered, dressed and on my way to the office.

Upon returning home, knew I had some time and enough energy left to push a little harder, so I cranked out another one: 2.1 miles and 246 calories in 52:04…. while watching True Blood on my iPad! (That surely made it a little easier)

Grand total for the day: 3.7 miles in 1:27: 23 and 416 calories

New rule: I will not allow myself to sit on the couch to “relax and watch some TV” if I haven’t done at least a basic workout that day. If I have something I want to watch, I’ve got to watch it on the treadmill unless I’ve already worked out, then I figure I’ve earned a little down time.

The question in my mind now is, two-a-days? Good? Bad? Am I actually gaining anything but coming back and working out more, or does it work better all in one shot? Should I have up my energy and turn in one bigger workout (right now of 3 miles at a time), or is splitting up to twice a day okay?