Day #2 – Are two-a-days a good idea?

Still rocking my way into an awesome start. The amazing support and encouragement has been rolling in non-stop from friends and family. People are coming out of the woodwork to offer their support, their advice and even some amazing personal stories. Thank you all so much!

I’m pretty amped up about getting this done this time, so much so that I decided I was going to knock out two workouts today. It’s hard to find the time (and sometimes the energy) for in first thing in the morning, so I did a much more mellow, quicker workout. Still on the treadmill, but I only turned in 1.6 miles and 170 calories in 35:19 this morning. Then I was showered, dressed and on my way to the office.

Upon returning home, knew I had some time and enough energy left to push a little harder, so I cranked out another one: 2.1 miles and 246 calories in 52:04…. while watching True Blood on my iPad! (That surely made it a little easier)

Grand total for the day: 3.7 miles in 1:27: 23 and 416 calories

New rule: I will not allow myself to sit on the couch to “relax and watch some TV” if I haven’t done at least a basic workout that day. If I have something I want to watch, I’ve got to watch it on the treadmill unless I’ve already worked out, then I figure I’ve earned a little down time.

The question in my mind now is, two-a-days? Good? Bad? Am I actually gaining anything but coming back and working out more, or does it work better all in one shot? Should I have up my energy and turn in one bigger workout (right now of 3 miles at a time), or is splitting up to twice a day okay?


15 thoughts on “Day #2 – Are two-a-days a good idea?

  1. As long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor to do so (oh so important caveat), and your body says yes (i.e., you’re fueled for it, and there are no injuries lingering), doing 2 workouts a day can be good.

    Just don’t push yourself too hard as you’re getting in to things because you don’t want to injure yourself, or feel burnt out. Also, it would be awesome if one workout was cardio and the other was weights (lifting an ipad doesn’t count). But you’ll figure out what your body likes soon enough.

    Keep it up, sir 🙂

  2. Agree with the above, 2 a days can be good however don’t try to do too much too soon. Soreness will kick in like a MF and you may end up missing a day because you can’t move. Lifting and cardio for 2 work outs in a day is good, but if I were you I would get a solid couple weeks of consistent work outs done before ramping up. Then you can come to MMA with me and burn 1000 calories in 1 workout.

  3. Good points from above. Soreness and fatigue could have adverse effect toward your motivation. Don’t put so much emphasis on “how many times” you work out a day, but rather on getting the most out of the allotted time each session.

    1. I totally understand where you guys are coming from….. I keep playing little games on the treadmill to make sure I get as much “workout” as possible from each session. Increasing the incline, running a bit then walking it off…. I’m not halfassing any of this!

  4. What they said. 🙂 Also strength training builds muscle, which boosts your metabolism… so you’ll get more bang for your buck. No weights needed at this point besides your own body weight (lunges, pushups, situps, planks, etc).

    1. Hell yes, starting in two weeks…. once I’m not in so much pain from my run that I can’t walk… and I’ll be starting with pushups, situps and box jumps as part of every workout.

  5. Agreed with all of the above, just don’t forget to stretch after your workouts, no matter how much or little you did, stretching is an essential part of your workout that people seem to forget often.

      1. Even if you stretch for 2 seconds, it’s better than nothing at all. And if you forget, just do it when you remember (if it’s the same day). I tend to stretch throughout the day just to make sure I am doing it.

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