Research on…. coffee!

So I started things out this morning with a VERY simple question posted on twitter and Facebook: “I’ve heard that coffee with a few splenda & a splash of milk doesn’t count against a diet. Is this true?”

Wow oh wow the responses I got! Everything from “no, it counts” to “here’s options that are better for you.” First the highlights, then see the actual post below to read for yourself. From what everyone was saying, I learned a few concrete things:

1) Black coffee is better, no confusion.
2) Caffeine is a little rough on a diet, drink water to offset it.
3) There are a lot of sweeteners to figure out should you choose to use one!
4) I need to learn more about/try Stevia and Agave

There are just so many options out there for what to put in your coffee, it’s almost ridiculous. Sugar, cane sugar, splenda, equal, stevia,  and agave. From what it looks like, everyone agrees, if you’re going to drink coffee… the calories count. So for today, since all I had available was splenda, I went with my cup of coffee, 3 splendas and a little cream.

I’m going to look up where to order some agave and stevia and give those a try first, we’ll see what happens!

As part of all of this, a friend of mine did post a link to a very interesting article about artificial sweeteners and honestly, it’s really making me want to just stick to the natural stuff! Check it out: Are Artificial Sweeteners Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Here is the conversation from Facebook:

8 thoughts on “Research on…. coffee!

  1. Agave NEctar you can buy at a lot of supermarkets and stevia is less available still not to hard to find. I know a lot of Walmarts carry it

  2. I have to throw my two cents in here on agave… I would not recommend agave as it was found to be processed in the body similar way as high fructose corn syrup – not good. (Just google agave nectar and fructose. I found this to be true from personal experience as well… I noticed I started to want to drink the stuff! lol). Go with the stevia until you can kick the coffee habit all together. And for “dairy” in your coffee, maybe try almond milk. Splenda is made with chlorine… can google that too…

    1. I knew I could count on you for a comment or two! 😉 I def read the whole article… and you’re right, like I said in my post…. if I’m gonna drink coffee, there doesn’t seem to be any argument that black is the way to go. I used to drink it that way all the time…. one less sweetener in there a day and I’ll be “back in black” in no time!!

      1. Ha ha… you know me. ; ) Well as you’ve already seen, there’s a lot of opinions and different ways to do things in the world of getting fit and healthier. What’s important is that you’re taking care of and learning about you! Thanks for letting us all share in your journey. You’re an inspiration!

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