Day #75 – WOW, It’s Been 10 Days!!

So… apparently, I’m in need of a major catchup. I finally got an email from some friends and a few text about people wondering if I’ve been slacking. The answer is pretty simple:


How much of a punk would I look like if I walk around saying “No pain, no gain”, “All go, no stop, never quit” and “Failure is not and option!” And then… I just gave up?! Sorry guys, ain’t gonna happen!

The truth is… life has heated up a bit, I’ve been insanely busy and there hasn’t been time for everything. The good new is: The *ONLY* part of Operation Get Skinny I let slack was the blog. If you take a look at my stats page again, you’ll see my calories logged everyday, workouts almost every day… I had to take a few off because I pushed myself too hard and I’m definitely still dropping weight and sizes!!

Currently, I’ve lost over 45 pounds, 7.8″ off my waist and I’ve been getting in better and better shape everyday. Once I get my muscles a chance to rest, I even beat my sub-10 minute mile goal but a LONG way. Just 2 days ago, I actually managed to run 1 mile in 8 minutes, 15 seconds.

I’ve also amassed a huge number of points on Fitocracy and set multiple additional personal records for my running in total distance and time.

Even those jeans I bought 3 or so weeks ago don’t fit anymore. Granted my daily average weight-loss has gone down a bit, and according to my match, I’m projecting hitting 90 days at around 56 pounds lost, just shy of my 60 pound goal… but I’m not stopping yet!! Even I don’t make it… I’ll work my ass into the ground everyday past 90 until I do!!

Holy. Shit. 30. Pounds. YES!!!!

I didn’t even see this one coming, it just totally crept up on me. I was so concerned about my workouts and my calories intake, and while I have really been weighing-in every day, I just wasn’t paying that much attention to the number anymore.

That being said, I hit one AWESOME milestone today. As of this morning, I have lost 30 pounds in 40 days!!! That’s actually 5 days ahead of schedule for my 60 pounds in 90 days!

I’ve said for a while I might not be able to keep up this pace for the whole 90 days, and I’m sure the weight-loss will slow down at some point, but I sure won’t complain about getting there earlier than expected! Yet again, my faith in diet and exercise is renewed and this will surely give me the motivation and energy I need to push through the next few weeks. I feel AMAZING right now!

No, Really, These Were My Skinny Jeans

So weight-loss progress feels amazing. After having my first weigh-in over the 20 pounds lost mark yesterday I’ve been feeling like $1,000,000!! However, its important to remember that this is called Operation Get Skinny, not Operation Weigh Less, or Operation Feel Lighter, or Operation Anything Else Other Than Be Skinny. I’ve been updating my stats spreadsheet everyday with my weight, calories eaten, calories burned and of course, my current sizes.

It’s a little hard to tell from the charts since the actually sizes are there and the size difference has been a small percent of the total. However, the REAL numbers behind Operation Get Skinny after the first 20 pounds say that I’ve lost 1.97 inches off my chest, 3.25 inches of my waist and 2.36 of my neck so far. It may not SOUND like much, but the change is very noticeable when you put in terms or visualize it the way people actually see things.

So,  while the title of the post “No, Really, These Were My Skinny Jeans” might a little play on words (and of course how much I hate hipsters), here is what losing 3.25 inches off your waist ACTUALLY looks like:

Yes, you – the world – are now currently looking down my pants!

Day #3 – Its working!!

I know I know I know… weighing yourself every day isn’t really a good thing to pay such close attention to since everyone’s weight fluctuates a bit, but I so plan on weighing myself every day. I’ve made sure to keep my head on straight though, for me, weight-loss doesn’t actually count until it’s the 7 day average of my weight. Also, to keep me honest, its out there for everyone to read on my Stats page!

That being said…. LOOK AT THIS: 267.8 pounds, down from 272!

I know it might bounce back up a bit from time to time, but it’s just great to see a little initial progress. I’m surely not letting it get to my head either, just like yesterday I did a small workout this morning before work and turned in another1.62 miles in 34 minutes and 191 calories burned. (I love when my morning workout balances out my breakfast!)

Then later when I got home….. of course I went for another workout to keep up this two-a-day kickstart to Operation Get Skinny! This time it was 2.13 miles in 43:52 and another 266 calories burned!! I’m sure if I’m supposed to like this so much, I am getting a little sore, but this feels GREAT!!

Now its time to go shower and relax for the night. I almost can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout now…… I’m going to try to crush out the whole workout in the morning since I have plans after work! Let’s see how my morning motivation goes…..