No, Really, These Were My Skinny Jeans

So weight-loss progress feels amazing. After having my first weigh-in over the 20 pounds lost mark yesterday I’ve been feeling like $1,000,000!! However, its important to remember that this is called Operation Get Skinny, not Operation Weigh Less, or Operation Feel Lighter, or Operation Anything Else Other Than Be Skinny. I’ve been updating my stats spreadsheet everyday with my weight, calories eaten, calories burned and of course, my current sizes.

It’s a little hard to tell from the charts since the actually sizes are there and the size difference has been a small percent of the total. However, the REAL numbers behind Operation Get Skinny after the first 20 pounds say that I’ve lost 1.97 inches off my chest, 3.25 inches of my waist and 2.36 of my neck so far. It may not SOUND like much, but the change is very noticeable when you put in terms or visualize it the way people actually see things.

So,  while the title of the post “No, Really, These Were My Skinny Jeans” might a little play on words (and of course how much I hate hipsters), here is what losing 3.25 inches off your waist ACTUALLY looks like:

Yes, you – the world – are now currently looking down my pants!

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