Over 20 Pounds Lost, And It Feels So Good

So, I said the other day how about I wanted to get here, and commented yesterday on how luck wouldn’t get me here, working out would. Well…


As of this morning, I hit another new all time low weight, and yes… it was 21.2 pounds since the day I started this journey. It is so incredibly rewarding to see that something I’ve battled with my entire adult life is finally starting to change. Looks at the graphs on my stats page, I just love seeing the red 7 day average weight line constantly moving down.

The is the 25th day of working out and dieting and its amazing see the progress I’m making. I struggled so long to even lose a few pounds and now to see 20 finally gone it amazing motivation to continue. I know I can’t really keep up losing 20 pounds a month, but I’m surely going to try. At this rate, I will have reached my goal of 60 pounds by the end of August.

Wish me luck!!

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