Day #24 – Will I Be Able To Workout Sick

So the bad news is, it looks like I might be getting sick. I’m really praying its just my typical bad allergies, but I have a funny feeling I might be legit ill. I’m really starting to wonder/worry if this is going to slow me down. Things are going so well right now, I would hate for something to derail me!

The good news is, after reaching another new all time low weight this morning of 252.4 pounds, I did get in a solid set of workouts today. This morning I had time to do 35 minutes, 2.24 miles and burned 288 calories on the treadmill, then after getting home from a slightly stressful day in the office, I knocked out 27 pushups and another 30 minutes, 1.79 miles and 221 calories. I only completed Week 1, Day 3 of the One Hundred Pushups program. Does anyone knows if its bad to do a 6 week program in 3 weeks? 😉

I’ve got my fingers crossed that when I wake up in the morning, I’ve hit that magic 20 pound weight loss! I’ll surely post about it ASAP if I make it!!

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