Day #3 – Its working!!

I know I know I know… weighing yourself every day isn’t really a good thing to pay such close attention to since everyone’s weight fluctuates a bit, but I so plan on weighing myself every day. I’ve made sure to keep my head on straight though, for me, weight-loss doesn’t actually count until it’s the 7 day average of my weight. Also, to keep me honest, its out there for everyone to read on my Stats page!

That being said…. LOOK AT THIS: 267.8 pounds, down from 272!

I know it might bounce back up a bit from time to time, but it’s just great to see a little initial progress. I’m surely not letting it get to my head either, just like yesterday I did a small workout this morning before work and turned in another1.62 miles in 34 minutes and 191 calories burned. (I love when my morning workout balances out my breakfast!)

Then later when I got home….. of course I went for another workout to keep up this two-a-day kickstart to Operation Get Skinny! This time it was 2.13 miles in 43:52 and another 266 calories burned!! I’m sure if I’m supposed to like this so much, I am getting a little sore, but this feels GREAT!!

Now its time to go shower and relax for the night. I almost can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout now…… I’m going to try to crush out the whole workout in the morning since I have plans after work! Let’s see how my morning motivation goes…..

8 thoughts on “Day #3 – Its working!!

  1. Good for you brother! I am also guilty if weighing myself too often. I don’t get too excited until I see consistent loss for a few weeks in a row. I like the 7 day average idea. It’s great to get a kick start and lose in the beginning because it motivates you to keep going. The excitement of seeing your hard work and sacrifice pay off is priceless! one thing I have learned though is that slow and steady is the way to go! If you lose too much too fast, it will be hard to keep it off in the long run. set realistic goals and make changes that fit into your life….for example, giving up drinking would be hard for you(must run in the family! ) but if you stick to clear alcohol instead of beer the damage is not as bad! So be patient and keep up the hard work!

    1. Thank sis!!!! It’s def not going to be easy, and yes… Bacardi and diets from here on out when I am drinking. Also, when you get here this weekend I can show you spreadsheet I use to track my weight and stuff with all the formulas built right in.

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