Day #60 – 2/3rd’s Of The Way There, Almost

So here it is… I’m 60 days of the way into my 90 day plan to lose 60 pounds and I’m SO close to being on schedule its amazing. As of this morning, I would have liked to be at the 40 pounds lost mark or a weight of 232 pounds, and… yes… I was ONE damn pound off. EXACTLY 1 pound off!

The crazy part is, based on my math with average pounds lost per day, forecasting out to the 90th day… I’m RIGHT there. The current projection is for 59.1 pounds in 90 days… so I’ll #justkeepmoving and hopefully get myself back on track.

For today, I wanted to get everything done all in one shot since I had a rough morning of calls, meetings and issues so all I did was hop on my treadmill and knock out an hour in one shot. The cool part is that I was able to do 4.6 miles… which is actually 7.4k. That’s not a huge mark for me, but it does mean I would 100% be able to finish a 5k without a problem and I’m well on my way to finishing a 10k too.

Looks like I’ll need to train a little harder and get myself registered for those 5k and 10k’s ASAP! 🙂

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