Day #3 – Its working!!

I know I know I know… weighing yourself every day isn’t really a good thing to pay such close attention to since everyone’s weight fluctuates a bit, but I so plan on weighing myself every day. I’ve made sure to keep my head on straight though, for me, weight-loss doesn’t actually count until it’s the 7 day average of my weight. Also, to keep me honest, its out there for everyone to read on my Stats page!

That being said…. LOOK AT THIS: 267.8 pounds, down from 272!

I know it might bounce back up a bit from time to time, but it’s just great to see a little initial progress. I’m surely not letting it get to my head either, just like yesterday I did a small workout this morning before work and turned in another1.62 miles in 34 minutes and 191 calories burned. (I love when my morning workout balances out my breakfast!)

Then later when I got home….. of course I went for another workout to keep up this two-a-day kickstart to Operation Get Skinny! This time it was 2.13 miles in 43:52 and another 266 calories burned!! I’m sure if I’m supposed to like this so much, I am getting a little sore, but this feels GREAT!!

Now its time to go shower and relax for the night. I almost can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout now…… I’m going to try to crush out the whole workout in the morning since I have plans after work! Let’s see how my morning motivation goes…..

Day #2 – Are two-a-days a good idea?

Still rocking my way into an awesome start. The amazing support and encouragement has been rolling in non-stop from friends and family. People are coming out of the woodwork to offer their support, their advice and even some amazing personal stories. Thank you all so much!

I’m pretty amped up about getting this done this time, so much so that I decided I was going to knock out two workouts today. It’s hard to find the time (and sometimes the energy) for in first thing in the morning, so I did a much more mellow, quicker workout. Still on the treadmill, but I only turned in 1.6 miles and 170 calories in 35:19 this morning. Then I was showered, dressed and on my way to the office.

Upon returning home, knew I had some time and enough energy left to push a little harder, so I cranked out another one: 2.1 miles and 246 calories in 52:04…. while watching True Blood on my iPad! (That surely made it a little easier)

Grand total for the day: 3.7 miles in 1:27: 23 and 416 calories

New rule: I will not allow myself to sit on the couch to “relax and watch some TV” if I haven’t done at least a basic workout that day. If I have something I want to watch, I’ve got to watch it on the treadmill unless I’ve already worked out, then I figure I’ve earned a little down time.

The question in my mind now is, two-a-days? Good? Bad? Am I actually gaining anything but coming back and working out more, or does it work better all in one shot? Should I have up my energy and turn in one bigger workout (right now of 3 miles at a time), or is splitting up to twice a day okay?


Day #1 – Know where you are…

I had been thinking about this for a while, losing weight that is. It’s a long overdue goal for me, and with an incredibly open, honest and motivating conversation late last night, I decided it was time to really get this moving. I’ve been here before though, trying, making a little effort, and always ending the same way: still fat.

I thought about it last night during our conversation and I realized, I not only hadn’t set goals, but I wasn’t sure exactly how much I weighed, or what my real measurements were. So for lack of a tailors tape measure, I’ll have to get that part another day, but for my current weight: 272lbs.


So there you have it… that’s exactly how much of me there is to love. 😉  Not that I’ve ever sought after being less of a person, but I think it’s about time. So I bought a new scale (you’ll be seeing a lot of it), got my treadmill out, tuned it up, plugged it in and I’m already moving forward. I figured what better way to start Day #1 of #OperationGetSkinny then to get in a workout.

So… where am I? Right here: 3 miles in 59:25 and 318 calories burned. (I’ve got a looooong way to go!)

3.00 miles, my new daily workout.
3.00 miles, my new daily workout.
Did it in 59:25 minutes too! Gotta get that WAAAAY down!
Did it in 59:25 minutes too! Gotta get that WAAAAY down!

Now for the important part! Goals:

1) Lose 60 pounds.
2) Run 3 consecutive sub-10 minute miles.
3) Drop inches! (numbers coming soon)

I knew I needed to know where I was starting out to judge where I’d need to go and how hard I’d need to work. Based on the math, I’m looking to cut my 1 mile running time down by 50% and lose  over 20% of my body weight. I think these goals are attainable and I will be working every day to change how I live, eat, and exercise to reach them. Of course you’ll all be able to chart my progress here for work not to see! :-p

As you can imagine, even you skinny people, this isn’t going to be easy. I’ve already gotten amazing words of encouragement from my friends and family and with everyone’s support, I know I can beat this.

See you all on the small side! 🙂