Day #56 – Back In The Saddle Again

After a pretty crazy workout the other day, and a nice…. well deserved… day of rest, I jumped right back into it today! Granted this morning weekly weigh-in was not really what I wanted it to be… fair is fair, I do have to post it.


It’s still not bad at all… that puts me at 4 pounds lost this week for a total of 38 since the first day I started this crazy thing. I’ll do my best to keep up the intensity, keep running, rowing, push-up’ing, sit-up’ing, and every other _____’ing thing I possibly can. Like one of my favorite twitter hashtags says: #justkeepmoving.

Today’s workout was a 2 hour awesome mix of carido, some basic body-weight exercises and of course, just a little hash of pain before the whole thing over.


And now… honestly, I’m gonna get a snack and sit the hell down for a little while! hahaha

Day #54 – My First 1000+ Point Fitocracy Workout

Oh yeah… you heard me… THATS, how it’s done! 😛 For those of you who haven’t discovered Fitocracy yet, its def worth checking out! (click here :-P) I think I’ve explained it before… but for those of you who haven’t been reading often enough: It’s basically an iPhone app and a website that helps you log your workouts. Every exercise you do, you enter into the app and keep track of how you’re doing.

Not only does it assigned a point value to each rep or each minute of your workouts, but it lets you compete with other friends, share your workouts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr… you get little badges for reaching certain levels, like your first 10 minute mile, how many times people comment on your workouts, personal records, etc… Another great thing about it, is that it actually lets you view charts and graphs of all your work so you can track your performance over time.

And of course, when you all sign up, be sure to follow me “scastano” and we can battle a little bit and compare workouts! 😉

For those of you that ARE on there already, you’ll know… 1010 points in a single day, is def a solid workout!!! It wasn’t easy, but I’m really hoping to shed that next .6 pounds and hit the 40 pounds lost mark tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


And yes… you’re right… I hadn’t planned on doing those 20 push-ups at the end, but I was pissed that I was so close to 1000 points that I couldn’t let it go. So 20 push-ups to get me over the hump it was! 😛

Day #53 – Hard To Keep Up The Calories

I’m not exactly sure why this is happening, but I seem to be having the exact opposite problem you’d expect. Instead of it being hard to keep up how much I’m working out, I find that I’m working out more and eating less. The last 7 days I’ve been averaging around 1000 calories a day, which you can see on the stats page. It’s not that I’m trying to stay that low, it’s just that I think I finally shrank my stomach or something and I’m just not that hungry anymore. I don’t know…. maybe I’ll have to do some more research.

The awesome news is, that for the last few days I’ve really been crushing my workouts and its seriously showing. I’ve been loosing an average of 1.2 pounds a day… that’s amazing!! It’s almost as much as I was losing when I first started this 52 days ago. Even more awesome, and as expected, I got another all time low weigh-in this morning: 235.2 pounds! That means I’ve lost almost 37 pounds in 53 days, put my projected weight-loss when I arrive on the 90 days mark at 62.8 pounds… yeah…. I can live with that! 😉


As for my workouts today… still going as usual. I have noticed that my rowing doesn’t seem to count that high on my bodymedia fit, but everything I’ve read and the calories meter on the rowing machine itself shows that it’s an AWESOME workout!


As you can see from above… I am doing about an hours worth of cardio a day… just splitting it up a little and doing some in the morning and the rest when I get home from work. It seems to be working so far… so I’m gonna keep it going!

Day #52 – Burning Off The Stress

It’s obnoxious when work really gets on your nerves… between a 2 hour conference call this morning and constant BS all day, working out was tough. I did manage to get in an entire hour of light rowing while I was on my call… that ended up actually being 471 calories worth, not bad!!

Also awesome news, when I woke up and weighed myself…. yup, you guessed it, another all time low weight! 336.8 pounds! I’ve actually lost over 35 pounds now…. AWESOME! 🙂 🙂


Then after a crazy day at work… I was just a liiiiittle angry, so I came home and bashed out some running to make up for what I didn’t get done this morning. a 5 minute warm-up, a 9:47 minute mile, a little 5 minute row to change things up a bit and 15 minutes of 4% incline running to get a little more burn. All together another 330-ish calories.


And now… I pass out!

Day #51 – Rowing Ain’t Easy

Holy Moses that damn rowing machine hurts!! My EVERYTHING is sore today, but I’m not letting it stop me… it’s not pain at all, it’s just the overall feeling that my entire body sure put in some serious effort yesterday. Granted, my scale said the exact same thing this morning that it did yesterday morning, but that’s obviously because I hate the damn thing and it knows it. Mark my words, I will be buying a good old-fashioned mechanical balance beam scale ASAP so I can get more accurate weigh-ins.

Today’s workout def felt great though, I did 10 minutes of running and 10 minutes of rowing this morning and followed it up this afternoon with a 5 minute row for a warm-up, a 9 minute 44 second mile after that and finished up with a 15 minute run and another 10 minute rowing session. Once it was all done, another 602 calories burned!

Text this next graphic with a grain of salt… it did NOT actually do all this working out today… 818 points of it was done yesterday, but I entered it after midnight so it all got jumbled together. Today’s portion of the workout actually only got me 643 points! 😉

I did bump myself up to Level 10 between the two workouts… so I’m surely not complaining. It is just amazing how 10 minutes on the treadmill gets me 80 points and 10 minutes on the rowing machine gets me 180… over double…. it sure is one hell of a workout!

[UPDATE] I did stop out to see a few friends tonight after my workout…. and I had one drink. So, yes, I actually came home and hit the rowing machine for an extra 6 or so minute to burn off the extra 64 calories! Hey weight-loss, I WIN! 😛

Day #50 – I’ve Purchased A New Weapon

So you’ll see a new stat in my workout description… yes, I went out and bought a rowing machine today and proceeded to give it a solid 30 minute run (in 10 minute sessions) this evening, but I’ll post more on that later.

The other AWESOME news for today is that woke up to another all time low weight, this time: 238 pounds… I’m getting better at pushing my workouts and burning as many calories as possible, and it surely is paying off!

I also found out that according to Fitocracy, rowing is a MONSTER workout… I’ve been scoring more and more points as my workouts continue, but this time it was pretty ridiculous: 818 points for both of my workouts today combined. This along with another sub-10 minute mile… not my fastest at 9:51, but it’s still down there which is awesome!!

I’ll def be tracking and working on my rowing times. 10 minute sessions def do that the wind out of you a bit, but apparently its an amazing full body workout, I can’t wait to keep it going!

Day #49 – I AM A MACHINE!

Ok, well maybe not… I’m human of course. A human who eats deep-fried Catfish Po’Boy’s and drinks beer all day…. However, I did come home and slam out 21 not very sober minutes on the treadmill.

That’s not even close to the awesome news though… the GREAT part is my 1 mile time from earlier today. Just when I thought I was doing well yesterday…. at 9:45, NOPE! I woke up this morning and did a mile in 9:35. SO AWESOME!! I’ve shaved 9 minutes of my mile time now and I love it!


Other than that… it was a pretty solid workout today. Over an hour of cardio for a total of 440 calories burned. All said and done, it was a great day!!


No off to a few celebrations this evening! 🙂 See you all out there!!

Day #47 – Late Night Workouts

So today was a cardio only day… the problem was, I only got in 30 minutes this morning and got distracted after work, so yes… I really did so my evening workout at almost 1:40am. I was just so wiped out after a long day, I was only able to do 15 minutes before I was ready to fall off the treadmill.

So, today’s totals were 45 minutes on the treadmill for a total of almost exactly 3 miles and 400 calories. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll be right back at it again!

I do love getting those little badges…. keepin movin, tomorrow…. 100% for sure I’m getting in both of my full workouts, and hopefully a little extra to make up for today!!


Day #46 – Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Granted, it surely does get a bit old… but I’m trying to find ways to keep it interesting. Testing my times, changing the incline, watching some TV on my iPad while I run… longer slower runs, really fast quick sprints, it’s surely not the most interesting thing I do all day, but I’m managing to get through it.

Today in fact, I woke up late and really didn’t have time to work out this morning so I forced myself to come home early today and get in the one hour a day I set as my goal. Not too shabby either, I managed to do about 1:05 on the treadmill, a little warm-up, and quick 1 mile in about 11 minutes, then another 3.13 miles in 45 minutes for a total of 549 calories. Not too shabby, but I def will be pushing for more.

As you can see below, I also knocked out 55 push-ups and 51 sit-ups, the push-ups still hurt a bit, but I can tell they are getting easier!


I am kind of getting addicted to Fitocracy now too. I love getting those little level up notices and trying to score higher and higher points with each workout! Welp, tomorrow is another day…. see ya out there! 🙂

Day #45 – I Missed A Day

So, somehow in all my working out, posting, reading, tracking, etc… I seem to have missed a day. It looks like somewhere along the way I skipped a post and I’ve been running a day behind for a while, so….. there is no Day #44, its been forever lost!

With that said, it was time to get my ass back in gear and start turning in some serious workouts and some better eating habits, and that’s exactly what I did. Granted, I’m still a little pissed at myself for letting it go this past weekend, but I’m so into this and I’ve lost so much weight that it still feels amazing.

I was right back at it today, I managed to smash out another 577 calories of running in two 30 minute sessions. One in the morning, and one after work before heading out with some friends.


The best of the day so far though, was getting some AMAZING compliments from friends while I was out this evening. I got people calling me Mr. Skinny, telling me I’m just smiling more and exuding so much more confidence, one friend even told me that when she saw me it looks like I was just glowing, that I just looked amazing.

It’s still a little bit of a strange feeling to be out and get some attention like this, but I think I’m learning how to deal with it.