Day #51 – Rowing Ain’t Easy

Holy Moses that damn rowing machine hurts!! My EVERYTHING is sore today, but I’m not letting it stop me… it’s not pain at all, it’s just the overall feeling that my entire body sure put in some serious effort yesterday. Granted, my scale said the exact same thing this morning that it did yesterday morning, but that’s obviously because I hate the damn thing and it knows it. Mark my words, I will be buying a good old-fashioned mechanical balance beam scale ASAP so I can get more accurate weigh-ins.

Today’s workout def felt great though, I did 10 minutes of running and 10 minutes of rowing this morning and followed it up this afternoon with a 5 minute row for a warm-up, a 9 minute 44 second mile after that and finished up with a 15 minute run and another 10 minute rowing session. Once it was all done, another 602 calories burned!

Text this next graphic with a grain of salt… it did NOT actually do all this working out today… 818 points of it was done yesterday, but I entered it after midnight so it all got jumbled together. Today’s portion of the workout actually only got me 643 points! 😉

I did bump myself up to Level 10 between the two workouts… so I’m surely not complaining. It is just amazing how 10 minutes on the treadmill gets me 80 points and 10 minutes on the rowing machine gets me 180… over double…. it sure is one hell of a workout!

[UPDATE] I did stop out to see a few friends tonight after my workout…. and I had one drink. So, yes, I actually came home and hit the rowing machine for an extra 6 or so minute to burn off the extra 64 calories! Hey weight-loss, I WIN! 😛

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