Day #46 – Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

Granted, it surely does get a bit old… but I’m trying to find ways to keep it interesting. Testing my times, changing the incline, watching some TV on my iPad while I run… longer slower runs, really fast quick sprints, it’s surely not the most interesting thing I do all day, but I’m managing to get through it.

Today in fact, I woke up late and really didn’t have time to work out this morning so I forced myself to come home early today and get in the one hour a day I set as my goal. Not too shabby either, I managed to do about 1:05 on the treadmill, a little warm-up, and quick 1 mile in about 11 minutes, then another 3.13 miles in 45 minutes for a total of 549 calories. Not too shabby, but I def will be pushing for more.

As you can see below, I also knocked out 55 push-ups and 51 sit-ups, the push-ups still hurt a bit, but I can tell they are getting easier!


I am kind of getting addicted to Fitocracy now too. I love getting those little level up notices and trying to score higher and higher points with each workout! Welp, tomorrow is another day…. see ya out there! 🙂

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