Day #32 – The First Weight Plateau Breaks, Backwards

So, I was trilled to finally see a DIFFERENT number on the scale when I weighed-in this morning. However, to my dismay, it appears like I’ve actually gained a pound. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper right now.

I decided, following the advice from a few people that maybe I just need to change things up a bit… give the cardio a small break and concentrate on something that might make better use of my time. So, not only did I knock out the next day of the Hundred Pushups program, I figured I would expand a bit and start the Two Hundred Situps program. Same guys, similar app on my phone and we’ll start seeing how that goes!

So that’s the bad news for today… I def wasn’t a happy camper, but with a little working out I did start to feel a bit better. Enough that I figured, if I needed to give the cardio a break… I’d like to do a little experimenting.

For those of you that have been reading along for a while, you’ll remember that I’ve been doing all of my treadmill time with an incline between 4% and 6%. This morning I decided I really wanted to see what my 1 mile time was and how close I was coming to my goal of a 10 minute mile.

Well, I’m closer than I thought to getting the first one done. 1 mile in 10:42 at 0% incline. Now THAT is a number I can def be happy about!!

So, here’s my workout wrap up for the day, since I have plans later this evening again…. this will be my only workout for the day:

P.S. I even completed another quest on Fitocracy:


2 thoughts on “Day #32 – The First Weight Plateau Breaks, Backwards

  1. could it be the humidity?? sorry, bad joke. quoting shel silverstein (with literary license necessary due to increasingly frequent senior moments) “there is a voice inside u, that whispers all day long, ‘i know that this is right for me, i know that this is wrong’. no teacher,preacher, parent, friend or wise man can decide, what’s right for you, just listen to, that voice that’s deep inside.’…..

  2. this quote is from me; ” TAKING A STEP BACK IS NOT IN ITSELF A FAILURE. look at the disappointing result into an opportunity to focus on and analyse WHY you didn’t achieve what u wanted , digging deeper (listening to the little voice) might provoke one of oprah’s AH HA! moments!! ur newly discovered insight can motivate u to tweek ur routine in a way that will get u going in the direction u want to move in.”

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