I Fear My Scale Is Playing With Me

Too weird, right. To be taunted by a small machine! I wonder sometimes, does my scale know when I’m having a rough time and just likes playing with my emotions? Or does my scale sense when I need a little boost and just tells me what I want to hear like a silly girlfriend just seeking my attention?! I mean, WTF! How do you get stuck on a weight plateau for nearly 6 days, decide drinking must be the cause, go out for “one last night of partying filled with a beer festival, zingers, shots, and late night eating… only to wake up and turn in a new all time low weigh-in? Like I said, I fear my scale is playing with me, but…. I’LL TAKE IT!! 246.4 pounds means I’ve lost over 25 pounds already. THAT is what makes this all worth it!!

Now off to deal with some personal business, then back home to workout and keep this journey rolling!! 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Fear My Scale Is Playing With Me

  1. I agree, you were probably dehydrated from the drinking but don’t let that bug you. It’s still satisfying to see a lower number on the scale. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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