Day #33 – The Perils Of Drinking

As the last few weeks have been going on, a few things have become obvious:

1) People are right, cardio is boring, but it has to be done
2) Mixing up my exercises make the workouts easier to do and helps build muscle
3) The most important: Drinking is BAD!

It was a pretty easy trend to spot on my stats page, that each time I hit a slight weight plateau and didn’t lose anything for a few days, it was almost 100% every time right after a weekend or a few nights of drinking. I was doing pretty well with keeping my drinking in check, but with friends in town, birthdays, the sheer need to get out and enjoy myself a little… it got away from me a bit.

The result was an odd one to me a first, but a few friends brought up a very good point and explained it. It seemed that in one of my posts about how I thought my scale was playing games with me I made comments about how I didn’t understand how I could go out drinking all night then have a new record low weigh-in the next morning. A few comments from friends which you can see on the post explained it 100% on point. Dehydration.

So, I’ve come to the realization that it absolutely is time to buckle down and get serious about it again. “Everything in moderation” they say, right? (who the hell is ‘they’ anyway? whatever) Basically, I know one drink won’t kill me, or derail my weight-loss efforts, so for the next few weeks I’m going to have to cut back. I can drink more waters when I go out, I can have one drink a night when I do, and I just have to do whatever I can to resist the urge to knock back a few extra!

Also, as you can see… no posts about working out on this day. It was a crazy night last night, I was def in a little pain… and I really did need a break.

2 thoughts on “Day #33 – The Perils Of Drinking

  1. I feel pretty sure that if you just say you’re sticking with one drink a night because getting in better shape is important to you, your friends would support you. Anybody who tries to cajole or pressure you into drinking more is more invested in entertaining themselves than your friendship.

    Holy crap, I think I just paraphrased the old parents’ cliche of “If they’re really your friends, they won’t do that!”

    Anyway, good for you for figuring out what’s going on and making a solid decision to deal with it!

    1. Trust me, my friends are awesome!! One bought low calorie vodka just to make my vodka sodas, they’re all willing to run up to the bar and buy me a water, they surely are not the problem… the rock. My probably with drinking is, and always has been, *me*. I’m too quick to buy a round, do a shot, find a reason to celebrate, whatever I can to make people laugh and smile.

      That surely isn’t going to change, I just have to remember that when I’m buying birthday, congrats, or “just because” shots… I’ve got to get a shot of water for myself also!

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