HEALTHY!!! And I live in DC, what do I do?

Come on people, help me out here, seriously. There are obviously times I’d like to not eat more of my own bad cooking/diet food and actually go out to dinner, have a good meal and enjoy a night out with friends. You know, the normal ones who stay skinny and can still go out to eat all the time. (A.K.A. a$$holes) However, even though I kinda hate them a bit out of pure jealousy, I’d like to find some spots in the DC metro area that have a good balanced menu. Something for everyone, without leaving the dieters to eat nothing put salad and lentil soup.

Since I’m doing serious calorie counting along with my working out, its great to have places that will blatantly have a diet menu with a calorie limit. Listing the calories for each meal either right on the menu, or online is even better. I’ve been a few spots myself lately, but nothing really special enough to talk about.

Before I go knocking DC as one of the worst cities to eat in as a serious dieter, how about it folks, any places you can recommend?

One thought on “I WANNA EAT

  1. Most places don’t list the calorie counts on the menu. Any chain restaurants usually have nutritional information listed on the website, you can peruse beforehand and decided what you are getting before you even head to the restaurant. Otherwise, it’s all knowing what to order based on basic nutritional knowledge. Start with a salad sans dressing/croutons. Entree should be meat + vegetables. You can ask the server what they cook the veggies in and ask for them to be plain instead of coated in butter or oil. Avoid carbs at all costs. Most portion sizes are massive so stick to half of whatever you order and save the rest for later.

    I’m a dieting ninja.

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