Hard Work = Huge Results

I haven’t posted a lot lately and a few people reached out to me over the last few days asking how I was doing. Kind of their nice way of saying: “Hey, we’re watching, are you still keep it up buddy?!” Well, yes, in fact I am. I’ve actually not posted in a while because, between work going crazy and the rest of life requiring a little more effort over the last week or so, I’ve needed every free minute I’ve got to workout, experiment with some stuff in the kitchen… more on that later… and it’s all been going VERY well! Take a look at this:

What a nice big spike in weight-loss looks like over the last 5 days.

This is one of the graphs from my current weight-loss progress page, which I’ve made a link to, just in case you didn’t see it before. While the graph above is just a static image, the graphs on the progress page update automatically every single day as soon as I put my weight in, so remember to check that out if you really want to keep tabs on me and see how I’m doing.

RawData--2014-11-14At the time of this post, from my morning weigh-in today, I’ve lost 47.7 pounds and at this rate, I’m just a few days away from losing half the weight I gained in the last 2 years. One thing I think it’s important to note for yourself is to look at your “bad times” and make sure you handle them. Modify your routine, pay attention to your “cheat days” and make sure you understand where your efforts are leading you. I know everybody says you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday and I’ve posted multiple times about how I totally disagree, so no rant or soapbox here… just take a look at the numbers, posted here on the right from what I collect and compute every day.

You’ll notice I’ve highlighted the weekends in red, and you’ll notice something else, from weighing myself everyday I computer lot of different numbers, but one of the most useful has been my daily change in weight. I’ve always been interested in seeing those fluctuations, both to be able to manage them, and to simply get used to them and realize that I don’t have to panic every time I see a few pounds come back.

Also highlighted in a lighter red are the days I’ve gained weight, instead of lost. Funny thing there is… there’s always red numbers after red days, aren’t there? Now, anyone who knows me, knows I love my friends, and of course, I also love my beer and my pizza. Which, is how I wound up in this place to begin with. Once I saw this it was easy to see where I needed to put in a little more effort. Over the last 3 weeks, my little “cheat day weekends” have totaled 15.1 pounds of damage. Of course, you can also see from the numbers, that I busted my butt and did what I could to work off that extra weight at the start of each week, but while I’m really pressing to drop this first 60 pounds, it seems pretty counter-productive to keep putting an average of 5 pounds back on every weekend!

So for now, at least for the next few weeks up until Thanksgiving, which I’m sure is going to lead to a little weight gain, I need to keep my feet moving and keep that pizza away from me! A lack of access to my treadmill, scale, my routine or pre-planned foods and of course, my family’s pretty epic cooking, I know it’s going to set me back a bit… but for THAT, it’s worth it!! I’m just going to have to save up those cheat days and the next little spike in weight for the holiday.

The most important things is that I’m still feeling great, loving the way I’m starting to look again and I have more energy and sleep better. In general, I’m just a much happier guy. As always, thank you to all of you for your continued support, comments, compliments, tips and sharing some of your own stories and struggles with me as well. Hopefully, the “new me” will get to hang out with you all soon!

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