The Official 90 Day Report

The Official 90 Day Report

Well, this morning was the 90th morning that I’ve weighed myself, and for those of you that have been keeping up and reading, you’ll know I fell a little short of my goal of hitting 50 pounds lost by this morning. I was doing everything I could this weekend to be on my best “drinking” behavior and even with “boys night”, catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and even a little unexpected bar crawling in Dupont, I did pretty damn well… all water, all the time. I didn’t have a single drink all weekend! Unfortunately, with hurting my foot early Saturday afternoon while running, I wasn’t able to workout as much and thus didn’t hit the mark that was aiming for.

However, in 90 days I’ve lost 45.9 pounds, that is most certainly a win!! I’ve lost 14.9% of my original body weight and I’ve dropped my 1 mile running time from 18 minutes to just over 12, which isn’t that bad for a fat guy still lugging around 262 pounds!! Here is a quick little chart of what’s changed:

Weight308262.145.9 pounds / 14.9% of my original body weight
Pant Size4640Approximately 6 inches lost from my waist
Dress Shirt Size (neck)19.517Approximately 1.5 inches lost from my neck.
1 Mile Running Time19 minutes12.3 minutes6.7 minutes faster 1 mile time. / 35% Faster

And just to keep them frozen in time, here are the charts for my weight-loss, and my actual weight:




Now from here… I just keep working, keep eating right, keep working out and slowly but surely… I’ll be reaching my first goal of losing 60 pounds. Wish me luck!!

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